110 days – the ultimate form of self-mastery/self-actualization

The process of NoFap has been a lifechanging experience. Notice I wrote it as a process, continually ongoing, everyday as a different and unique challenge. As a fapstronaut with 13 years under his belt, one day the concept of turning on my computer, opening my stash and f’ing myself, literally and figuratively made me question my whole identity.

Instead of going on and writing pages on pages of an autobiography detailing my journey and events leading up to NoFap I wanted to share a few of the key points that have came out of my short experience, I have been fap-free for 110 days. In fact, I decided to take on this challenge of NoFap as a form of self-discipline, pleasure vs. reward before I had discovered this awesome movement. To sum up my experience, No-Fap has been the ultimate form of self-mastery/self-actualization. There are probably a billion analytical perspectives you could take on NoFap but I’ll just go over some that come to mind.

I have come to a realization that the concept of NoFap all boils downs to pleasure/dopamine and an individuals preference for deferred gratification. Obviously, you can analyze how/why you got to where you are in your own personal preference, but focus on your NOW. Identify and understand what has happened and come to the state of mind that you will make the best of today. For instance, I wonder how many nofappers out there have struggled/struggle with the concept of time management (Crutch)? I know I have! Due to circumstance and luck, I have been a lazy motherf’ker throughout a majority of my life. Whether that is through sports, school, relationships or life in general the concept of going above and beyond seemed comical. Over the years, I have found that the dopamine rush from video games, fapping, interwebz, sex, tv, sports pleasurable activities i.e. hedonism, etc. can be EXTREMELY ADDICTING. Eventually these rushes get old and we find ourselves searching for a newer fix just like a drug addict. New games, New TV Series, New Girlfriends, New SHIT, Different venues for the same rush. Wasting hours on end participating in activities that feel good but not great. Flicking channels, browsing through the internet, googling random, pointless shit, etc. all fall into this category of self-gratification vs. discipline. Eventually the only other venue I could think of to satisfy these cravings was recreational drug use, luckily I was able to show some discipline and this is not the NoDrugs subreddit.

Nofap has begun the process of allowing myself to rethink this discipline, and realize that deferred gratification is required in every aspect of life. Once an individual is able to take control over their own crutch (NoFap), then they are able to freely take control of different aspects in their own life. It ignites a fire and introduces the idea of deferred gratification which is the opposite of WATCHING PEOPLE BANG, WHILE YOU PLEASURE YOURSELF WITH YOUR OWN HAND WHILE YOUR DEAD RELATIVES ARE WATCHING YOU FROM HEAVEN/HELL/GHOSTFORM. (Inserted for comedy/demotivation to fap). I know a lot of people find motivation through this subreddit but will find themselves lurking through this for HOURS on end, just as I have done myself. Not to say that this is wrong, but once you get the concept/goal of motivation for NoFap or your specified subreddit topic, close your window, close reddit, get out there and live your LIFE. Internet/Porn are stepbrothers/parents in law/distant siblings. Read a book, exercise, work, if you don’t have a job… Look!, go to school, chase a dream.

The other aspect that NoFap has brought to light for me is the ideal of 100% in everything. If you want to truly reset you MUST endure Hard Mode, after initially taking on these challenge some months ago I decided to bang the hell out of my gf for an entire weekend after one month of abstinence. I’m not sure if it was related to my dopamine receptors not entirely resetting or the loss of semen/testosterone but that Monday felt like a hangover. If you want to pursue a dream it is necessary to commit every last drop of your entire being to this goal. NoFap is NotEasy (HardMode). In the grand scheme of things regardless of your goals and aspirations, where would NoFap play in this? At the end of the day, Will LITERALLY f’ing myself with my own hand while watching other people do anything besides provide me a few seconds of pleasure?


Testosterone Average Cycle/Peak is 7 days, I believe that chronic fapping and extreme overuse will eventually deplete your test. and leave you weak as shit. Go home, beat off 3 times right before you workout then go tell me if you can get your one rep max off. I will also confirm that excessive masturbation over long periods of time WILL cloud your mind (Fog description detailed by alot of fapstronauts.). This cloud began to dissipate for me around the 2 week period.

Dopamine Receptors Hard mode ONLY. The average reboot time is around 3 months from what I have read until you reset to a natural baseline. Once your reset is complete, the world is yours! Do what you want but always keep in mind the self-discipline that got you to where you are.

Discipline “Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” Allowing yourself to control this one habit will do wonders for other aspects of your life.

Deferred Gratification NoFap is a lifestyle that must be embodied, I am not encouraging you to be abstinent for the rest of your life but to break this destructive habit and apply it to different aspects in your life. What is the purpose of doing NoFap, breaking this habit and moving on to become a slave to a different form of gratification.

LIFE As Cliche as it is, LIVE YOUR LIFE fapstronauts. Yes, there are ups and downs, but I encourage you take on every challenge. Push yourself beyond your own boundaries and do not resort to self-destructive habits.

Yes! I believe in the discipline and willpower NoFap can instill in an individual but do not expect to randomly develop magical powers. The benefit of NoFap does not magically appear from a surplus of froyo, rather it is the process that can instill the discipline and willpower that you have been lacking as an individual. THIS action allows you to isolate and apply this method to different aspects of your life essentially giving you your “superpowers”. It is entirely up to YOU to build these powers through your choices made every second, your daily actions which will accumulate and turn into your days, weeks, months, years, lives, etc. I hope that I was able to share my perspective and motivate some fapstronauts out there. Live your life to the fullest and exhaust everything that you have been given. “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

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UPDATE – My NoFap Journey Part II

After practicing abstinence for 4 1/2 months I have come to a somewhat definitive, SUBJECTIVE conclusion that NoFap is effective to certain points. About a month ago I began having large amounts of sex again and began to immediately take notice of the brain fog that had been present prior to my journey as well as a feeling of dullness in my mind. That Brain Fog similar to depression, numbness, a truly apathetic feeling. After while all of this sex led one thing to another and I found myself back on PMO for a short period. After examining my own actions and reliving my abstinent journey I noticed the dramatic contrast between abstinence and sexual releases in any form. I’m currently 3 weeks back on my abstinent journey flirting with a flatline and I definitely plan on having sex/possibly M in the future but I now know the key is MODERATION. After my own journey I now realize that there is nothing wrong in terms of PMO, Ejaculation, Sex, whatever floats your boat as long as its in MODERATION. Through my trials with NoFap/HardMode/Abstinence I truly feel my own downfall was ejaculation itself. I now associate the superpowers with NoFap and its effect in terms of PMO as only the O. It isn’t the P or M it is the O essentially draining your own life essence. PMO are obviously interrelated so if it is necessary to remove all of the above variables to eliminate a habit by association, JUSTDOIT but I have come to grips that my own problem was the O.

A lot of the ensuing words will be deemed “Broscience” but again I am sharing my own subjective experiences so that I can help others out there. Throughout history many have warned about the sanctity of a male’s man juice and the chaos that may come from the abuse and loss of this precious yogurt. I want to liken this phenomenon to pretty much any activity you can imagine… There is nothing wrong with a glass of wine every once in a while, but drinking 2 bottles of wine everyday for 10 years might have some adverse psychological and physical side effects. It is beneficial for your health to run everyday but… running marathons every week for 52 weeks will leave you burned out. Now flip this over and imagine your own sexual abuse/sex/masturbation/yada yada. Similar to the hangover or burnt out feeling you get after competing in an exhausting physical activity or even mental test there is a reaction to your action. Obviously individuals tolerance to alcohol/physical activity differ similar to how individuals sexual appetite land on every plane of the spectrum. For some people and their biological baseline, instincts, MO, PMO is not a problem but for others like myself have found out a certain sensitivity to PMO, specifically O.

Perhaps generation after generation of humans have evolved with a constraint on exploding nuts.The invention of high speed internet as well as the sexualization of society has completely morphed innate biological habits we have developed. Again, this is my own subjective discovery, the most incriminating point of evidence is MO alone. If you cannot MO without P but are able to PMO in less than a milisecond imagine the conflict between your own body’s desires vs. your mind? Again, there is the science behind releasing a nut, the chemical reactions going on in the brain, the release of dopamine, pleasure/reward principle and the changes in testosterone. But I personally am advocating moderation AFTER you have reset to a baseline level.