111 days – Is this what being rebooted feels like?

I kinda have forgotten how to fap. Right now the idea of giving myself an orgasm makes me go “Wat. What’s this trickery?”.

Sometimes when I lurk the interwebs I happen to stumble on NSFW material (Other times I admit that I am looking for that material) and then I go “Meh, whatever”. The thought of self-stimulating me while watching other people have at it doesn’t even cross my mind.

If this is what a reebot feels like I am quite content. Many people expect miracles out of NoFap. They want to become pussy slayers and cunt destroyers, fearless and talkative alpha males with vibrant social lives and lotsa energy. NoFap will give you more energy yes, more testosterone yes and it will make you feel better since it’s going to rewire dopamine and shit in your brain.

But you must not forget that NoFap’s first purpose is to rewire your brain and to get rid of porn/fap addiction. Before I was not addicted to just porn, but to fapping as well. If I fapped three times in a day. I could fap twice to pron and once to fantasy/memories/even the mere physical sensation of my hand.

Now I don’t want this anymore and I find the idea of doing such things quite weird and “Wat”. During this 111 days I came once with the help of a female specimen. I figure that I’m going to have to cum another few times with another human before my brain is going to associate orgasms with sexy times with a female, rather than my hand and tissues. But yeah, I’ll get there eventually.

LINK – Is this what being rebooted feels like ?

by CharlesBubba