115 day report

Comments : It’s not clear if he stopped porn use from day one, or at day 90.

I’ll start out with the tips that helped me overall for those that don’t care to read my results and experiences.

  1. Get a Day counter.
  2. If you do not have a BF/GF/Hook Up Buddy then go Hard mode. (No orgasms period.)
  3. Join /r/pornfree as well.
  4. Be alone as little as possible or exercise regularly for the first 2 months.

For my experience pre-nofap: To keep it short, I have NO free time minus Friday nights and Saturdays. I am not a virgin by far but have always fapped from time to time like a typical guy. I am older so I had little ED problems and they went away quick. I know I was addicted not only to that but also to porn. I did not realize how much it affected my life until I started nofap.

My first month: Immediate results as most guys say. I am VERY picky but it made normal girls prettier to me within 2 weeks. I would start getting erections again awkwardly in class. I started craving a relationship, exercising more, and being more social (still not really approaching girls).

2nd month: I experience a serious drop in sexuality and attitude. My mood was dreary and I thought about things way more than usual. I was actually less sociable to new people. I dont know whether it was school stress or the no fap changes. I kept an eye on my counter and at this point I still looked at the occasional gonewild pic or 2 as a reward. Around this time my morning wood would come back but it’s still rare but when I just got a serious erection I could feel dopamine(?) being released some, like a 15th of what an orgasm feels like. I had a wet dream around this time (which I was looking foward too) and all it turned out was me waking up and having to change boxers. So DONT look forward to anything amazing there guys!

3rd Month to 115 days (now): Throughout the experience I would put my hand on my inner thigh just to enjoy an erection sometimes before sleeping. I think I’ve retrained my brain to not react to this stimulus without seriously having to fantasize about a girl. This was the coolest result for me. I’m still shy, but HOLY COW I am begging for the right opportunity to sit by an attractive girl and finally get her number. I started /r/pornfree around day 90 and I say you need to do that as well to continue progress mentally about changing what stimulates you.

Overall: My life improved at first. It’s back to normal now. I just don’t fap. Stopping the porn completely has made me accept flaws of girls easier and now they are more attractive to me. I’m still very picky but crave a relationship. That’s my secret… I’m always horny.

My next goal is to get a girlfriend. The next time I orgasm I want to experience it again with my girlfriend. I sincerely thank you for reading. Until then, wish me luck. Stay strong Fapstronauts!

Bonus: I feel like I am addicted to the internet/reddit, and one day hope to give it up to improve my social life and memory, but that’s another story completely.