120 days – (ED) I couldn’t even feel my dick anymore

So I “relapsed” today, but I’m fine with it. When I first suscribed to NoFap a year ago, I was masturbating compulsively at least once a day. I couldn’t even feel my dick anymore and this caused ED. I remember the time where it was common for me to feel sore from masturbating for hours to darker and darker porn, with dozens of tabs opened in my browser, only to feel horribly anxious when I then had to face the real world.

Today, although I can’t say I have “superpowers” (I experienced these, but there were other factors involved), or that my life is perfect, I am no longer addicted to PMO; I not only have lost the habit part of it (it is no longer usual for me to masturbate, the thought of it is actually quite weird) but I also have learnd an awful lot about me, discovered how much strength I had and how one can learn to take control of himself for the better.

Today, I wanted to release the tension — I would have had a wet dream tonight or this week otherwise, I know the pattern — and I needed a change. I cannot consider myself an addict anymore : this not who I am now. I find normal or natural to release the tension when I am overly horny, and I now want to focus on women and how to have more fulfilling (and for now, any) relationship with them. I know I can slip and fall back into bad habits at any time, and I know to watch myself ; and in a way, I will always be a No-Fapper. But I have accomplished what I came here for and I am proud. To those who start here, I wish you good luck, and I assure you that it is possible. Thank you NoFap because at the end of the day, you probably saved my life. Take care.

LINK – Relapse after 120 days & Goodbye NoFap

by Quitforchange