120 days – Severe ED is just about healed

So I have cut my porn use down to nothing for four months with about 3-4 one time relapses and have stopped masturbating for the better part of a month. For about 3 years I thought I was completely impotent and could barely get it up even when I had a girl sitting in my lap.

I had about a 60 day flatline then got a girlfriend to test things out I was able to force some erections at first but they weren’t always hard enough to even penetrate.

I decided to quit masturbating last month and now Im probably back to 80% or so of what they used to be still improving daily. Sex is getting better and feeling better for me and my girlfriend and i believe my reboot is close to finished.

LINK – 120 days few relapses but most functionality is coming back

by hd300