126 Day Report. I feel like a new person

I can’t believe I made it this far. The hardest part of the journey is the first month. My body was just begging me, begging me so badly to go back into fapping that made me feel like an Alpha who owns an endless supply of harems.

About the superpowers, judging from my own experience I’d say it’s always been there. We were just too weak to tap into it because of fapping.

I don’t tire easily. My concentration got better. My willpower during stressful situations has grown stronger. The benefit I like the most is I’m unconsciously and constantly giving out this sexual energy that’s being sniffed by women. It’s amazing! When I’m near them they would twirl their hair and wiggle their foot while their legs are crossed.

My advice when feeling tempted to browse porn? If you’re in an unavoidable setting or predicament. If you can’t run away, endure it. Endure it for a few minutes. Only around 3-5 mins. Don’t do anything. Don’t move a muscle. You’ll notice that your mind will get bored since your body is not following and it will then think of other things to do. What helped me the most though is reading about success stories here in the Nofap community and learning from our brothers who fell and got back on the horse to continue the fight. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you guys.

Since I’m already in the process of growing myself with nofap, I decided to add more online activities to make sure my mind is kept away from porn. I found an interesting forum where you can learn how your brain is cognitively wired. There are 16 unique human brain configurations and to determine which one is yours, you could ask for a facial recognition session. All you need to do is send a 10-min video of yourself talking about anything you like to the forum admins. It would make the Mojo read even more accurate if hand gestures are included. If you guys want to know what your brain’s strengths and weaknesses are, I suggest you give it a shot also the good thing about it is there isn’t really a payment required. Their online resources and materials look weird but past that it sure is backed up with a lot of science like Nofap. They’re giving out Free Brain Configuration Reads as proof of concept. If you’re interested you can check their website out. http://www.podlair.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=362&Itemid=347

LINK – 126-Day Report. I feel like a new person 😀

by aequos



Waaaay better concentration that’s for sure. Before nofap I found myself daydreaming a lot during class lectures. I was in a rut. I had nothing to lose. My life isn’t going well I had a lot of delusions, fear, guilt, etc about life. I knew there was something wrong but I couldn’t tell what it is until I stumbled upon the TED Porn topic video. There was something wrong with the way my brain was wired and porn was the cause.

I also find talking to girls waaaay more pleasurable to talk to now unlike before when I would just let them pass because I had a virtual harem waiting at home.


INITIAL POST – been fapping since 7

When I was a kid I’ll fondle with my genital and for some reason I’d get an pleasant intense feeling at the end. I liked it. Soon it turned to looking at female anime characters while doing it. I didn’t even care if my cousins are in the same room. I’d get a pillow to cover it and that’s it. They would even laugh at me but I didn’t care. I never knew that it was supposed to be embarrassing. facepalm

Highschool came and I got introduced to porn. Got hooked with hentai’s first because I find real life porn disgusting but as you guys know it really doesn’t end at a certain level. I soon got hooked with real porn. I wanted to quit. I tried but the hormones were just too hard to fight back then.

During highschool, I even got to a point when I thought I was gay for fighting it when my classmates were enjoying it. I experienced depression, social anxiety and I was physically scrawny. I didn’t have many friends. I never had a girlfriend until after college. My confidence was so low, my head was always looking down. It was awful.

Whenever I would fap to a porn in a CD or VHS tape I would immediately break it and throw it away. But then there came the most dangerous source porn, the internet. I succumbed to porn addiction completely. I prayed for God to make me quit but I realized God doesn’t force people to change.

Until recently I saw the TED video and went to noFap and realized WOW there are people like me who are also struggling with this. Now that the negative effects of porn is backed up by science and with a strong support group with you guys here in noFap, this battle has now finally become “winnable” for me.

It isn’t going to be easy getting that chunk of my brain back since I started very young but I am sure as hell not going to let myself rot for the rest of my life in that addiction.