127 days – sex no longer drains me, social anxiety improved

OK so a quick report, i have totally forgotten about no fap, i think the last time i checked was the 90 day mark as its quite famous here!  So on to my experience. No fap has been great…. from about day 14 to day 60 I was riding on the energy of not fapping. I felt so energised it was almost too much.

From day 60 onwards i gradually disassociated my energy gains with nofap and it settled into normal life.

One huge point to note is that between day 14 to 60 if i had sex i would feel really drained and the social anxieties would being to take root again. However, now sex is more of a intimate experience and leaves me feeling pleasantly refreshed afterwards. I no longer rely on the no fap energy boost to conquer my social anxiety, it helped me understand it and now i can live without both…

Anyway, happy fapping, wait what…. i mean happy no fapping, in space, because you cant touch your dick in a space suit…

LINK – 127 day report – Sex

By Fapular


POST FROM DAY 26 – My Strategy

I had a real hard time getting into the swing of this, i failed so many times at around the 4 day mark.

Heres how i pushed on through.

I realised there were common side effects to quitting PMO from reading this subreddit.

These side effects were:

More Confidence, More Energy, More Contentment, More Vibrant outlook

I saw these mentioned loads of times and released i had none of them. So i wanted to experience it. I stopped focussing on forcing myself to stop fapping, instead i opened myself up to the potential of these side effects on my life.

i asked myself questions:

Where would i be in a month from now? Would i still be sat in my room most of the day? I wonder what will happen?

So i held onto those thoughts, it was hard. Each time i had an urge i would think through those questions. Then Bam i hit 8 days, i was walking down to get food from the shop and i noticed i had my head up, looking at people in the face, making eye contact with the cashier. I made small talk with the cashier too…

Although this seems like nothing, its a huge step from where i have come. That point was like a checkpoint in a game – 8days. It gave me a taste of the future, i became completely focused on the benefits and filled with wonder with what it will grow into.

Now each time i have an urge, it dissipates instantly. The thought of a quick orgasm putting me back to day 1 is a nightmare for me, and instant turn off.

Now after that 8day checkpoint, 26days in i have started a business, something i could never imagine doing while PMO.

Thought i would share, hope this helps someone like it has me.

Befriend the past, live the present and respect the future…