132 days – ED: Succesful sex. Everything worked great.

Ok, so a similar story to most of you on here. Once I stumbled upon YBOP a ton of bells and whistles went off and i felt super relieved. In my history with girls had a few steady GFs and lots of 1 night stands 2-3 month relationships, etc.  Seemed like the ed was a problem but at times I could make it and finish, etc. So I could kinda blame it on drinking, but if I didn’t have successful sex first few times, Id find a way to loose interest, stop chatting, etc. Obvious to me in hindsight but seemed ok at the time.  Usually though the morning is where I made my $ LOL. But it was always on my mind and def have had some failed relationships bc of it or the relationships didn’t really take off. Upsetting bc there were girls I didn’t go for that I am sure would have been happy with.  This is what this $hit does to us.

quick history:

since 13-14 began M + O and some P too but have had successful sex a bunch of times. But in last 7 years or so, its hit or miss. Def needed stimulation. And it seemed like the dirtier or unattractive the girl was, the less the P.E.D was a problem. Go figure. At least w/ M + O it began simply w/ mags, then DVDs,  but escalated to Internet the the last few years or so. And nto to mention some escalations into some really raunchy stuff- I was def ashamed and embarrassed but it was the only thing that worked. So I think fair to say it was the problem. I did mix in fantasy though usually so perhaps that spared me some problems wherein this could have been worse. A shame too bc normal/good looking guy in good shape, etc but last few years have def been kinda a bum w/ little motivation and seemed like I was always tired, needed naps, etc, enjoyed being alone, maybe a little down overall, didn’t try for good looking girls really. In hindsight seems worse but you prob couldn’t tell from an outside observer. Also, my hangovers after drinking were miserable- almost to the point where I almost stopped drinking. but PMO seemed to actually help me feel normal after a big night of boozing. Not kidding! Pathetic I know. I also seemed to be able to perform better w/ girls the next day after a big night out- 10+ drinks. Go figure.

I tried acupuncture + Maca, Ginseng for a while b4 I discovered the reboot, and seemed to help actually somewhat, but not always. Had also tried to abstain from PMO in the past but not in the form of a full reboot bc I didn’t know what it was. Realized too I had low Vitamin D levels, which seems to perhaps be a factor. I could always get up w/ P though or just fantasy but when mixed in real girls it was a roll of the dice. Not a way to live our lives.


week 1-2: I was estatic, soo hapy to find out this can be solved. High energy, positive, and the brain fog started to clear. That is a very underrated positive of this whole thing. A clear mind is HUGE! Hangovers were much less, I could pop up and go jogging if I wanted to. Exercise regiment was great and soon felt noticeably stronger, see definition in abs, etc. No real urges for PMO. Communicated much better w/ everyone. Minor mood swings but manageable. AM and nightly wood came back!

Week 3-4: couple of those headaches we all read about. The high energy productivity slowed down but I was just really content overall. Felt calm. AM wood was fairly consistent. Felt in control, began hitting that DD stage at some point.

But then kinda snapped out of it a little w/ some urges for real girls, etc. Most of my fantasy the first few weeks was on real/attainable girls, which was good I thought. But I was impressed w/ the fact that I had no urge for P, a little for M,O though. Continued success w/ exercise + big gains. Tried to limit fantasy too. Got out alot and socialized (very important).

week 5-6: sort of a lull, no huge gains but the nightly and Am wood was there still. but no spantaeneous really, but could feel some tingle or something now and then. Thats the part I really want back though. But I could get semi (30-40%) just fantasizing though or even texting w/ girls. Origionally thought 30+ days would be good but I relaize process takes longer. Am aiming for 60 days and maybe more.

I have to admit I am a little apprehensive about trying out my new self with a girl, so I wanna wait til more healing. I don’t think I am healed per se but its getting better- 47 days in now + counting. Its just a new way of life we gotta get used to and it takes time. While I am a little frustrated, I also realize that we’re all not gonna walk around with a rager and ready to bang at drop of a hat- would be nice tho. Overall, this process has not been that hard for me. But its not over. There are def ups and downs but it really goes to show that all reboots are not linear. All you guys are great for being on here and reading your stories and tribulations have inspired me and helped me truly. So far that i am grateful. We can do this guys, replace this BS w/ real life and take control. (sorry for long read)

Day 47

I too (on day 47) feel much better overall than the PMO days- not even close. But I am also not getting the full response that I want down there, although there is something. I am just hoping they get better with time. Patience and time are our main allies on here besides each other.  I try and forget about sometimes but I get worried that its never gonna come back to life. Try and forget about it and enjoy other aspects…I have a feeling that’s when it will creep back

Day 57
I am in similar position, week 8 and sorta had a few bursts of something (not too crazy though) in the first few weeks, but feel like I have been at a plateau since about week 4-5  perhaps. Overall I feel like I am doing ok though. I though am beginning (for the first time) to mildly question the effect of the reboot but also I am not sure i’ve been in a situation wherein sex was almost there for the having during my reboot time, so not sure how the reaction would be there. Keep at it bro- allegedly the better effects of this come in the final 30 days

Week 15
I am on week 15 almost and I have had one set back (no P though, just MO) and I too was super anxious for it to return. The first 90 days for me felt awesome the first few weeks then kinda subsided. Long flatline period that came and went. Now I guess some positives but I hear ya with the patience thing. Sometimes I think we almost need to do something to pull us out of the flatline, but the better way is to let it come naturally I guess. It sucks waiting man…I feel ya. We can only go up though

120+ days
Yeah my first attempt after 88 days still had it- but PE def played a role. I am hoping I got that one out of the way. Def feels like you did all the work for nothing. But after that- began doing more stuff than just abstaining- watching dopamine levels, working on rewiring, vitamins, etc. Sometimes it might just take 4-6 months. I am on 120+ now and have noticed better results since then


Well after 132 days had some successful sex this weekend. Everything worked great. I was even getting positive signs by simple acts like touching and hugging etc. Great feeling. Finished a little quicker than I wanted but will gladly take that any day over ED symptoms. Problems have been around for a while but sometimes wouldn’t be as pronounced, but always in the back of my head- and I am sure it has effected me in more than a few ways over the years. Since I didn’t start on high speed I think that helped for sure.

After a failed “meeting” with a escrt on day 88, I MO’d and then did again probably @ day 115 perhaps. There was definetly some times where I began to doubt the process, but sure enough- it appears to have worked for now. SLight chaser feeling last night and minor urge for PMO but I am resisiting. Nothing is as good as the real thing- soo much better than the PMO. Libido is now good and feel like I can keep it up.

Been waiting for this day to write up a success type story but I do realize I still have some healing/re-balancing to do. I’d say the 1st 50 days were great in terms of mood/drive/emotions etc. Super motivated- high out look, pep in my step, exercise, flirting etc. The next 50 days that weened a little bit but overall fairly upbeat, I was impatient and kinda waiting to try out my new self- waiting for that it moment for the libido to come back strong. The last 30 days or so I was doubting a little bit but also really focused on cutting out refined sugars, lowering nicotine intake, etc. Sort of a “2nd take” with eliminating the constants that have always been there. The last week or two though felt like it was coming back sort of. So I guess the 90 days is really just a guess or an approximation- I am going to stick with it for a little while longer. Probably stopped counting days in the 80’s or 90’s.  Also been taking vitamins this whole time and mixed in some maca and a little ginseng here and there. Fish Oil I believe also helped as I started that around day 90 or so. Think I will just stick to multi vitamins, fish oil, and ginkgo for the foreseeable future.

I’ve really enjoyed this site and YBOP, etc for this duration. I’ll still lurk around though and enjoy offering anything I can to others if they have any questions, etc.  Best of Luck to all and thanks for all the support over the last few months.


BY – 10thPlanet