140 days – Fantastic benefits

So building back up on my last post, I figured it would be a good idea to give myself and you guys a rundown of whats changed in my life. Again, I could care less if you don’t believe me, this is more for me than it is for you, and veterans will know I know what I’m talking about.

So, so far I’ve made it about 4 months and two weeks, rough approximation. In that time my GPA has gone from a 3.1 to a 4.2. Seriously, not having fapping in the back of your mind gives you so much more motivation to study and do homework, its not even funny.

I also ran for over three and a half hours last weekend. God knows how far it was, I went trailrunning, but it was glorious. Physically I’m in the best shape of my life, my weightlifting is getting better and better, I’m working toward an eight-pack, and I’m eating much better, working out six days a week. No more soda for this guy. Now on to the ladies.

Oh the ladies, they are a knockin. Now where I live, hooking up with girls is a real bitch. Its basically either a committed relationship, drunk sloppy makeouts, or nothing at all. Don’t get me wrong, drunk sloppy makeouts are great, but parties are also rather sparse around here. Regardless, I really have my pick of the woman. They text ME, not the other way around, they ask ME to hang out, and these are some hot girls. I was having a conversation with four separate girls the other night, I bullshit you not, and I feel like a majority of them wanted it. So, thats fucking fantastic.

If your thinking to yourself right now, this guys a pile of bullshit, thats fine, because honestly I wouldn’t believe any of this either four months ago. Lets see what else. I placed first in the district in my local DECA chapter (high-school thing), made varsity cross-country (see? No bullshitter would pick cross country as his Varsity Sport!), and my people skills have improved 100%. Like, you know that guy that all the parents are like “oh hes so polite! He’s really going places!” Apparently that’s me now!

So as far as how I did this, it was really just two things. Working out, and keeping away from your computer. Seriously, do not binge on the internet. If your playing games, and you get bored, just go fucking do something else, don’t go reddit.

Don’t reddit for the sake of redditing for more than thirty minutes, and seriously, if you feel an urge coming, get away from the computer, right away. Thats a battle you can’t win, its like having a syringe right infront of you. Well, thats all I have for you guys.

One big thing is that after a certain point, you forget your on nofap. Seriously, I didn’t even think of porn for like a good two month stretch. Didn’t look at nofap for the same time either, after like a month it was like it didn’t really matter anymore.

But thank god, when I felt the old urges I came back. Seriously, you guys are a great support system, if AA had anything like this I swear we’d have less alcoholics. I want to end this post by giving a big shout out to all the guys that are out here on these forums giving daily encouragement to nofappers. Its something I neglected to do during my journey, and I really respect the time and effort you guys put into helping others. Seriously, this is one of the best communities I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of, and all of my accomplishments I owe to you guys. So keep grinding nofappers! It only gets better from here!

LINK – What I’ve done with 140 days of nofap

 by djk1518