150 days – Japanese fapstronaut

Comments: Normally we only publish rebooting accounts about the effcets of porn. I’m assuming this one involved porn use.

The actual Japanese “study” on NoFap

There was a joke about a (non-existent) Japanese study which suggested that fapping improves your memory.

Well, I found a real Japanese fellow Fapstronaut documenting his personal findings. Here is the grasp of it:

  • Day 1-10; Losing less hair. Easier to get up in the morning. Skin feels smoother
  • Day 11- 30; Generally become more active. Become more positive minded. Become friends with girls
  • Day 30-50; Afraid of nothing anymore. Facial expression changes. Become more successful with women. Basically become SuperSayan.
  • Day 51 – 70; Lose weight. Get actually approached by women.
  • Day 71 – 90; Feeling empty, is this a Setback from becoming a Super Sayan or Omen of becoming SuperSayan2 soon?
  • Day 91 – 120; Become philosophical, See what really matters in life, begin to understand women. Understanding what is a “good woman”.
  • Day 121 -150; Have a clear head. Solve a long time riddle. Become more focused. Never become depressed anymore. “Good women” start to like me. Other people start calling me “charisma”.

I’m quite bad at English. Hope you still understood it!

LINK TO JAPANESE VERSION – http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2133915629351184001#