150 days – Reflections on the NoFap experience

How did you find out about /r/nofap?

  • I first found out about nofap by watching a video of a Ted Talks about porn addiction, they mentioned an online community that supports people, and I was intrigued by the though of having a completely anonymous support system.

What was your initial impression?

  • “Wow this is great! People are so friendly here, its like church!” was my first thought.

Has /r/nofap helped you to overcome an addiction to PMO?

  • I will attribute my healing to my own personal life changes and rituals as well as routines. The website in my eyes, is a crutch for people that have weak minds, and I have certainly been enlightened to this over the time of being here.

Have you used /r/nofap consistently?

  • I wouldn’t say I “used” it at all besides a time keeper, at one point I did not log in for 2 months because I believed I was done. Needless to say I came back because I wanted to help other people through encouragement and offering my knowledge.

How has your thinking about quitting PMO changed since using /r/Nofap?

  • Once again I wouldn’t use the term “used”. I would say participated because there really is nothing that this supplies you with other than knowledge, only you do the rest. My thinking has changed in the way that I no longer think I need porn, and thats the key to success here.

Is there a “hive-mind” in /r/nofap? How would you describe it?

  • There definitely is a hive-mind to NoFap, just as there is a hive-mind around the hysteria of NoFap around reddit. Its taboo to speak anywhere else of NoFap on Reddit because they’re all horn-dogs, and they’re mad that they cant help themselves 🙂

Is there any posts in particular that helped you?

  • None that are significant enough to recall here.

Are there any posts that you thought were unhelpful or harmful?

  • Many here seem that Exotic pickup lines in the title as like “I’m gonna fap now, its over I quit this nofap thing” and then in the post say “Is what my mind said a few weeks ago!”. Mainly those are my pet peeve posts here around Nofap, they’re nonconstructive.

How do you think /r/nofap thinks of women?

  • Do you think the community is welcoming to female fapstronauts? I believe that the majority of people here respect women, unlike what they did before, which is a huge victory for us guys, and girls. Of course they are welcoming to female fapstronuauts, because nobody is invincible to addiction.

What are the biggest disagreements within the /r/nofap community?

  • Most people here treat this subreddit like a cult because that’s all they know, monkey see, monkey do. They will never learn no matter how hard you explain. You will get downvoted for saying something like this.

What are you afraid /r/nofap will become? What do you hope it will become?

  • I’m afraid more experienced Nofappers will do what I have done, which is given up hope and jumped off the boat before it has sank. It is inevitable that the behaviors seen in the sub have changed drastically since I joined 6 months ago. I hope they can fix it, but I think its like trying to start a car without gasoline.

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by Komin