160 days – ED fixed, girls are so much more attractive

It all started when I first started having sex with my girlfriend. (first time having sex with anyone actually) When we first tried I couldn’t even get a boner, after that when it stayed it didn’t stay for very long and the second I would pull out it would go away. I wanted to fix that so I found NoFap.

It has changed my life! the first 7 days was excruciatingly difficult after that I thought I was in the clear. NOPE! every week or so my brain would just be all PORN! FAP! NOW!

That happened for the first 45 days. When that was over I felt like a million bucks, I had no urges, sex was amazing and I even started completing my homework. Since then It’s all been a breeze. I’m not distracted at night which means I get more sleep.

Girls are so much more attractive especially my girlfriend! I don’t get morning wood I get fucking morning steel. I’ve also more recently started working out. It makes me feel so much better and I started because I thought if I can resist fapping then I can stick to a workout schedule!

TL;DR: NoFap is amazing/Life Changing

LINK – What’s gone on in the past 160 days doing NoFap

by CptHacks