166 days – ED: man have things changed

First I would like to say that none of this would be possible without this online community and the wealth of knowledge found at yourbrainonporn. I started masterbating at 13 years of age once or twice a day for 7 years before I found internet porn which accelerated my addiction to 3-4 times a day sometime more. Instantaneously I began to experience social anxiety, fear of women and people in general, irritability, mood swings, anger, severe memory loss, lack of concentration, inability to bond with people, loss of interest in sports, or going outside and inability to keep a job as well as dropping out from two schools.

I basically became a shell of myself and started to lose friends right away which only resulted in less self-esteem, more anxiety and so forth. Nothing changed until I was let go of my previous job after only a month in the role along with major ED which terrible thing to have when you have a special someone in your life.

Now, after my dismissal I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to the doctor and told him I had depression, was prescribed medication which started working after 4 weeks. The only side effect was loss of libido so I began to realize that maybe I was depressed because of PMO so I began my research and voila I found this community.

I was shocked and hopeful that there was a solution after all and since I was 4 weeks i should stick with the medication for another 4 weeks. After two months of no PMO I was ready to get off the Antidepressant and continue my journey with no fap which has led me to 5 months+ with no relapses, a new perspective and a new set of hobbies. Overall I feel like that 13 year old boy in the sense I finally laugh so hard, I exercise now, my ED is gone, I meditate, I eat healthy and I’m far more social. All of this thanks to yourbrainonporn and nofap community

I’m still searching for work but I’m confident that I’ll be far more equipped to keep a job next time around 🙂

Thank you so much for all your kind words.

LINK – 166 days in, man have things changed

by nofap_4_life