180 days – Break the message to your friends: “Start living”

This is not hard-mode anymore; what I consider hardmode, is fapping five times a day until so much life-energy is sapped out of you that you feel no ambition, have no energy to do anything, feel depressed anxious and can look nobody in the eye or hold a normal conversation.

In this past half year I asked out around ten girls, and approached around twenty I guess (never approached a girl in the three years before this). I’ve made out with a girl, kissed another one, had several opportunities for sex, but I don’t feel regret that it went differently, and at the moment there are three wonderful girls that I have my eye on as a future girlfriend.

Oh, and I almost finished my novel and will start recording my first professional music album in two months.

I promise you, if you stop masturbating you can start living. Of course some other things help, like doing 10 minutes of meditation a day and doing some body work, like working out, running, yoga or radical undoing. I also stopped eating eggs and most things with gluten and sugar in it, including many fruits, because I found out they were the cause for my acne, which has now vanished.

One question for you guys; how do you break this message to your friends? I want some of them to find out about this too, but I’m afraid they’ll reject it because it’s such a big part of their life and identity and they think it’s normal and healthy.

LINK – 180 days, hard-mode

by havinsuchagoodtime