180 days – Overall, I’m much happier, confident, etc… Delayed Ejaculation healed

It feels pretty damn good. I’ve updated my story many times so I’m not going into a lot details.

I can tell you I had sex recently, and instead of DE, I had PE, which is something I have experienced since I was 15. (I started having sex fairly young.) It felt amazing even though I was a little embarrassed.

Yep, it was pretty cool.

I’ve finally just reached the conclusion that my body is too sensitive for masturbation. It completely throws my libido out-of-whack. I can’t do it. Even when I was at my sexual peak, I couldn’t handle it.

LINK – What does 400 days feel like??

by mr__bad


Mini update – 420 Day Update: It keeps getting better.

I may be a little more sensitive than most people. For me, masturbation completely ruined my sexuality. I wasn’t myself, and I hated that fact. Masturbation robbed me of my ability to fully enjoy sexual activities to the fullest mostly because of DE. Quitting masturbation has restored my natural sexuality.



EARLIER POST 180 Day Report! Half a year! AMA.

I’ll be honest, I don’t want to be long winded because I don’t want to be disappointed by a lack of response.

When I first started this journey, I made this argument that PMO was just really bad habit. I was wrong. This is an addiction. I say that because chemicals in the brain are involved that make this compulsion to masturbate extremely powerful. Overcoming that is most difficult part. I can say that after a couple of relapses early on.

The toughest part of this journey is the really early period. If you get through the first month, it gets easier sort of. You’re breaking an addiction, so this is never going to be easy.

I had sex around day 90, which was nice. It was normal missionary position and the penis worked exactly the way it’s supposed to. It was a nice feeling.

Lots of cool things have happened. Life is moving along nicely. Still need to improve a bunch of stuff.

Overall, I’m much happier, confident, etc… We are on the right track.

My goal is to finish 2014


EARLIER POST2 – My 2nd 90 Day Report: Things are slowly getting better! (You new guys might learn something)

In the last 9-months, 7 of those months have been masturbation free, which is pretty darn cool and amazing.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that after another 90-days everything is completely better because it’s not. I’m still healing, and I’m probably going to be healing for a long while, and I’m ok with that. Not masturbating is allowing me to change the way I look at my life and make significant progress towards becoming a healthier and nicer person in every way, and that’s what this is about for me, and why I plan to stay on this path.

I’ve learned that when you relapse, the first time you masturbate isn’t so bad. In fact, it feels awesome. The second time is when you notice the negative side-effects, but by the 3rd time, feelings have snowballed. Before long, the depression, shame, and lethargy kick-in, and you go around feeling like a hollow shell. At least, this was my experience and why NoFap is important.

It’s really important to remember how PMO makes you feel because you really have to keep the big picture in perspective to keep from relapsing. Once you are months into this thing the dong starts feeling electric. You know it would only take about 10-seconds to have a massive orgasm and the hellish cycle of PMO starts all over. It might take weeks to get back on track. So, don’t do it, it’s not worth it.

Last but not least, I think the only reason I lasted 90-days again is at the beginning of the year I made a vow and I’ve stayed true. From my experience, I think if you look for support here you’re going to be disappointed. If you really want to make it, you’re going to have to find the strength, and don’t doubt that you can.