2 Years In – Reward Centre Reprogrammed

I’m 2 years in to NoFap and NoPorn. I have engaged in PMOing about 5 or 6 times in this process but have otherwise abstained.

I have noticed that the brain no longer cares for hard core porn, and in fact when I see an image or a video I am repulsed by the intensity and rawness of it. I find now, that my interests and appetite is better suited to “soft” porn or that I am more likely to respond to a fully clothed female doing nothing in particular, really. However, the long period of abstaining has allowed me to protect myself from the energy pulling antics of attention seeking females (consciously or subconsciously). Now, when in a room with other females who are giving off signals, intentionally or otherwise I find ways to make myself scarce or mentally prepare myself to not over commit to conversation or respond to every smile and eye-f*ck.

In the past I used to seek out pleasure and that sense of reward constantly, and now I find myself avoiding it like the plague.

When a girl sits next to me and is displaying excess skin I now hope to myself that she will cover up just a bit and guard myself, whereas before I would take every opportunity to take a peek.

Media has made it a tough world to live in. Women do not always fully realize already the strong pull and influence that they have over men with the subtlest of gestures. But now its skin and flirtyness everywhere and those of us who are working tirelessly to re-sensitize ourselves are accosted at every turn.

I realize this post will get me possibly nothing but hate from sexual progressive and rights groups but that’s not the aim here. I’m only sharing my observations about the amazing struggle that exists between us all. The issue is also bi-directional and doesn’t intend to victimize just men, I admit that the problem is really both ways.

LINK – 2 Years In – Reward Centre Reprogrammed

by beconscious