250 DAYS – I have now successfully ‘rewired my brain’: totally cured of the impulse to PMO

This is my first post and I thought it would be fitting to write something today on day 250. I remember becoming curious as to whether fapping was something that was holding me back in life – it certainly seemed to drain me of my motivation to do things.

I noticed this particularly at exam times when it seemed a good way to relieve tension and I for that reason I was unable to study as effectively as I would have liked. I did some research on the internet and my suspicions were confirmed – this habit was an addiction no different from drugs or other harmful substances and if I didn’t learn how to control it, it would gain a tighter grip on my life and effectively control me.

I decided to give NoFap a go and I am happy to say I am still on the same streak, 249 days later. Any advice I would give to people starting out? If you decide to give it a go, make sure you do everything in your power to reach the 90 day target first time. While it is not impossible to succeed after a few attempts, it is a lot easier if you do it at the first time of asking. Another thing I have found very helpful is taking cold showers. It takes a certain amount of discipline to stand under freezing cold water and learning to cultivate this discipline is something that will help you succeed in NoFap.

So what do I feel I have gained from NoFap? Firstly, there are the obvious benefits of overcoming a reliance on PMO – more time, less guilt and no need to be on edge if someone else is using your laptop! I now feel totally cured of the impulse to PMO and feel that I have now successfully ‘rewired my brain’. However, the subtler benefits I feel have been equally rewarding – the sense of personal satisfaction gained from setting a goal and achieving it cannot be underestimated and when you learn to apply the principles learned in NoFap to other areas of your life, that I feel is where it becomes an invaluable experience. I now am able to concentrate more on my studies, have improved my discipline to cut out junk food from my diet and exercise daily and see my life as a constant challenge to improve myself. I have done a lot of research and feel that NoFap demonstrates the plasticity of the brain and how we can change our behaviours and thoughts through dedication – this is something very powerful.

Oh, and ‘superpowers’? A lot of people have different theories on these, but I feel that they are just you returning to your normal state after having your abilities and gifts suppressed for so long by PMO.

I hope this helps anyone starting out; while it is definitely a very difficult addiction to overcome, with persistence and dedication you too can get to the stage where you are ‘cured’ of PMO and start living your life!

LINK – 250 Day Report

by rij93