260 days – fetishes gone, emotions back, girlfriend helpful

The last few months were nothing but great, let me tell you! I started this whole nofap journey around July last year because i was at a point in my life where i was just fed up with myself and couldn’t stand it anymore (was mortified because my ex-best friend cheated on me with my ex-girlfriend for several months; had to move out because of it ( didn’t want to stay there anymore)).

After i found myself a new flat with roommates i was just slobbing around doing nothing really but man that changed quickly after the first few weeks/days of nofap. First of all i got back into the habit of studying for my courses at uni, after that i just kept on going ,and before you know it had been a whole month of not fapping just by keeping myself occupied with studying and doing stuff with my new flat mates. I got out of that sinkhole of emotions that was my ex and moved on. It wasn’t easy because of nofap my emotions were a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. When you fap for a long time you might have experienced the same : you don´t quite feel empathetic about anything really or let me say it this way, when you´re fapping for a long time there is only this black/white scheme of emotions you are just normal or really sad.

At least this was the case for me, and i numbed down on emotions in general. Like i said in an update last year it really hit me like a ton of bricks when all these feelings were coming back into my life! Quick example of that; sometimes i would just stand there in the middle of the walkway and would look upwards in the sky and smile like a madman and on other occasions i just sat in my room and cried like a bitch because i heard a sad song (i.e tom waits – bronx lullaby).

Besides that my testosterone levels were getting back to normal and on some days i felt like a viking warrior and my facial hair and unfortunately my backhair too started to grow all over the place. Besides all this i met my now girlfriend and ran a half marathon last year. It took me 2 hours and 7 minutes to finish it but it was totally worth it. I forgot to mention that i got into running because of nofap 😀 Back in Juli last year someone on here posted that it might be good for you to go for a run if you were close to edging/fapping. So every time i thought i was close to fapping i just go for a walk at first, then move on to a light jog and because of the high frequency of my ever so hungry dopamine brain i went outside for a jog/run quite often.

The last few months my girlfriend supported me along the way ( because she´s awesome) i told her about my condition and that i was doing nofap 4 weeks into our then new relationship . She understood me and helped me along the way with emotional support and i admit it sexytimes.

So now with 260 Days into the Challenge i can say that i am cured, which doesn’t mean i don´t get the urge to fap from time to time! You´re never safe, but you can cope with it better and better! Recently i did an extreme test and looked at some of my favourite porn but it didn’t excited me at all. I sat there and just looked at this porn and thought to myself ” Wow you used to fap to this 0.o” Having said that i know quite few fapstronauts have/had weird fetishes and i can say on my behalf mine have gone away after roughly 100-130 days into the challenge and your fetish/es will too !

Another thing i want to add is that i can now stick to deadlines and i try really hard to pursue my self-set goals which i couldn’t do before nofap. One of my new Goals for this year is to participate in a tough mudder race, study more and spent even more time with my girlfriend and friends in general. I just want to thank you for all your support along the way ! This community helped me a lot and provided some useful tips and tricks 🙂 and to all the new fapstronauts out there, i think you can do it !

Don´t let the urge-monster take control of your desire and feelings. I will report back when i finished the tough mudder and when it´s my first year here on nofap !

P.S If there is any new Fapstronaut or Fapstronaut in general that wants some tips and tricks on how to beat the 90 days challenge and wants to keep going just P.M I’m happy to help 🙂

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by Exforge