3 years – lots of analyzing

It took me 2.5-3 years, to reach where i am, i analysed and analysed all the possible scenarios where i ended up doing PMO. eg

When i am extremely happy,or extremely sad, both events led to PMO, i realised i will have to keep my emotions in check.

Also i realised there are 5-10 different chain of events which lead to my doing PMO, and based on that decided,i will do things which will not lead to those 5-10 scenarios.

Earlier when the urge arised,only then i thought of stopping it,which was obviously flawed approach. I realized i will fight it 24 * 7 day in day out for atleast 1 year,only then i will win. Here is how i fight it every single second. 

I have uploaded an excel sheet which i maintain daily.It has following columns.

Sights – The number of girls i wanted to scan from top to bottom badly, but i restrained myself. so if i had the chance of staring at 20 girls in a day, and stared at only 2 or 3 score would be 2/20, which is a very good score. When i counted the total number of girls i could have stared at, number was astonishingly in hundreds, which means earlier i stared at literally 1 hundred women in a fortnight !!!! How weird is that !

Thoughts – There are occasions when i see a girl and i fantasize how she must look like naked,or suddenly an old porn thoughts enter my mind and i kept on repeating those scenes for hours (which is equivalent to watching porn). so if out of 20 such thoughts, i entertain 5 score would be 5/20. i.e in 5 occasions i allowed my brain to imagine a lady as naked etc.

These two things might look too simple but are the reasons i am what i am today. Whenever i found a girl/women in office, i wanted to stare, i had to every single time stop myself (this is how i fight every single second), and it was the,and it is still the most difficult thing for me to do. I keep a score update in my cell phone, and i think that if i don’t see her, my score will be improved and that serves as motivation.

For Thoughts, as soon as thoughts come in my mind, i do push ups, but in office,or in bus,or at public places you can’t do push ups,there i start counting tables.It sounds so silly, but it is one of my greatest weapons. As soon as any thought comes, or say i want to badly have sex with someone in my mind, i start counting tables and after 2-3 minutes, i forget those things.I can count tables till 28 like anything :P

I never ever thought of fighting this thing, i use to think that if i stopped watching porn,this thing will be taken care of. But what happens is when you are at 40-50 days of no PMO, then your mind is so freaking desperate to do that,you are so desperate to do PMO,it scans a women in street and just starts doing every single thing that happens in porn,during those times it is very important to not entertain such thoughts!!! and it is in those stages the real fight begins,because there you are really putting up the fight and you need to carry on with same intensity for 5-6 more months.so it is difficult !! In those stages i found something or other in even the most conservatively dressed women,so badly i wanted to do PMO in those times !!

Laptop Usage – The main problem was Internet Addiction Which gave rise to this addiction. How? On analyzing those scenarios one common denominator was laptop usage. Whenever i did PMO, i had browsed laptop for at least 3-4 hours before doing PMO.Just Random Browsing which is also a disastrous waste of time !! So at once i use to do laptop for 8 hours and now i use it for 45 minutes at max daily.

These three strategies reduced the probability if my doing PMO, exponentially. I mean it. I use to run also initially,but my work load is so much,i am so busy,that i don’t get time to run,else it was one of the things which motivated me to leave this thing. When my chips are down, i run like an animal.

Got up At  I get up at 3 or 4 a.m. , which allows me to start the day at positive note. I work till 7 and it gives me lots of satisfaction.once that happens entire day is just awesome.Also getting up at 3 means,by the time i reach home,i.e at 8 i am too tired and by 10 i go to bed. (earlier i would wake up at 7 a.m, and so did all the PMO stuff in late night- again this was also a common denominator in those scenarios. Staying Late night.) One might argue that i can do PMO in morning also i.e from 3 to 6 when all are asleep but no, i will never In all the last 10 years, i have never PMO ed in morning, it was always at night. So i want to say, everyone has some time of day when he/she does that. You just need to strategize accordingly.


by manish