300 days – Social and academic improvements, greater confidence

I’ve been NoFapping since August 2012. Overall, my experience with NoFap has been very good! Even though I haven’t managed to get a girlfriend, I’ve improved socially and and in many other areas. Here’s a round-up of my current results:

  1. My communication skills have improved. I’m never nervous speaking to strangers. My relationships with friends, neighbors and classmates have become deeper and better.
  2. Talking to unknown girls makes me a little uneasy, but I’m able to express my personality and flirt a lot more than before – and faster! A girl told me in private that she had feelings for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same feelings for her.
  3. My study results have become better. Currently, I’m doing masters studies and my grades have gone from C to A. Furthermore, I feel less nervous before an exam and have no problem sleeping the night before an exam.
  4. I’ve become a dancer. Before NoFap I was afraid to enter the dance floor. Now, I’m that crazy center of the party, who makes everybody join in for a dance. People admire me for my boldness and I always get compliments at parties.

I think that’s a good summary of the effects NoFap has had for me. In my opinion NoFapping is just a requirement to do well in normally frightening social situations. You all have to do a lot of work to benefit from the amazing position NoFapping puts you in.

If you have any questions regarding how I managed to NoFap for 300 days, please feel free to ask me!

LINK 300 days report

 by frederikw


500 days of nofap

500 days seems like a long time. 500 days without fapping seems like death. But actually, to be absolutely honest, partaking in this challenge hasn’t even been that hard lately. The old habits don’t seem to have the same power over my body anymore. Staying away from triggers has become easier and hence not fapping is natural and seemless.

Now, other things in life has become important. Merely not fapping isn’t enough to live a fulfilled and happy life. New challenges that seemed completely unrealistic 500 days ago must be pursued.

Here’s what I’ve gained from my 500 days of nofap:

  1. Greater selfconfidence: I no longer feel inferior to my peers. Actually, I find myself smiling to myself in the mirror from time to time.
  2. More friends: nofap has shifted my focus from myself to the world. Before, I was a pure introvert. Now, I’m not so sure.
  3. Freedom: I feel like I can do almost anything with my life. I’ve come to realize that if I dont’t do things now the opportunity may be gone. Not being a slave of my body has made me a servant of my will.

My main goal is still to improve myself and my interactions with other people. I’ve learned that influencing other peoples’ views on you is almost impossible. Though, changing your outlook on yourself and other people is a goal worth pursuing!

Thank you everyone and may the force of nofap be with you!