399 days – I had weak erections, some ED: Now I can f**k on demand

Well, It´s been a long time since I´ve checked NoFap. I guess it would be nice to give some insight on my journey so other guys can be encouraged.

  • I´ve never gained any of the so called super powers (laser focus, clear mind, etc…)
  • Once you create a habit, it is really hard to break it. Since I don´t fap for more than a year I never have any urges to do so.
  • Regarding my sex life: I had all the usual problems of not getting hard enough, not lasting enough, not being able to get it up some times.
  • Nowadays I can pretty much fuck on demand. I have a girlfriend and she barely touches me and I´m already hard. My record is 4 fucks in 10 hours. There was a holiday ( 3 days ) when we had sex 9 times.
  • This past year I have focused on improving myself and my life. Don’t really know if this could be a “side-effect” of nofap, but I´m way happier now.
  • My libido fluctuated a lot, but I would say it returned around day 120.

Never, never give up. Remember that this is hard but so is any thing worth doing

If you fall 7 times, stand up 8

BY – rengenq