4 months – Life long premature ejaculation completely gone.

I’ve almost completed 4 months of NoFap and must say I am amazed at how good it has been for me.

The first few weeks was hard but then it got a lot easier. I started because I wanted to quit masturbation for good. I viewed porn infrequently but was in denial about it being a problem for me. It has been so good to not masturbate and not to look at Porn.

I have wanted to quit masturbation ever since I started (which was about 20 years ago). I tried to quit a number of times over the years but never succeeded. I think this is mainly because I didn’t believe it was possible. Now I know it is possible and also know that it is far better to not masturbate.

Something I struggled with on and off for 10 years was ejaculating too quickly when having sex. And I never lasted a very long time. At some stage during my first 90 days of NoFap this became a lot worse and I would ejaculate as soon as I “went in” or shortly after. I have read so much nonsense about how masturbation is suppose to help you last longer but this never worked for me. I now realise that masturbation was the main reason that I often ejaculated too quickly (I developed a habit of ejaculating quickly during masturbation). Over the last few weeks ejaculating too quickly has completely disappeared and I am lasting longer than ever before. I have always enjoyed sex but it is so so much better now. That alone is reason enough for me to never masturbate again.

The next step for me is to make NoFap the norm in my life. I want to live a no masturbation life..

Anyway this is a bit of a long post but hopefully it helps someone out there. NoFap is so worth it! If you are in the early stages just keep going!

Thread: NoFap turned out a lot better than I expected..

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