401 days – sharper focus, started back school, feel a sense of harmony

Well it’s been 401 days since I started NoFap and I gave in and ‘reset’ today. I do not feel ashamed because there is no greater teacher than failure.. for all of you now starting NoFap don’t give up and keep pressing forward, a lot of amazing things have happened in the last year since my starting of NoFap they may not all be associated with me stopping fapping but I’d like to think it helped in everything, I have sharper focus, started back school, got back into martial arts heavily amongst other things. I also feel a sense of harmony that I’ve never felt in so long from not watching porn and any other dirty media that there is to foul the mind.

Well here I go again from 401 back to 1 on my badge. This is just a normal testimony from a normal guy showing you out there who are struggling that if you fall down just get back up!..anything is possible!.

LINK – 401 days reset.

by altnation



I made it :D!.

40 days ago I posted about my 401 day reset. After going through the start up again and making it to 40 days I’ve realized one thing. I no longer need nofap to control my desires and I’ve greatly overcome my addiction to porn and everything related to it!.

I’m forever grateful for finding the great TED video that introduced me to this place over more than a year ago and I cannot imagine where I would be without it but like many of the success stories before me, the struggle is behind me and I am ready to move on :D.

To everyone now starting and still going through hard times hang in there rome was not built in a day!. Much love and respect to everyone that has taken the time to give me advice or words of encouragement on this forum I am forever grateful.