50 Day Report and Encouragement for those Just Starting Out

I have been PMO free for 50 days. I did a couple week long periods of hard mode, but I found that occasionally MO release was good for me to keep my mind off of sexual thoughts.

I have seen more progress in myself in the last 50 days than I have in the last two years. I have never connected with so many people quicker, deeper, and more genuinely than I do now. Women especially, I can see now that their perception is immense when it comes to a man’s confidence.

I am so happy that I have committed to this and I cannot help but feel a sense of humor and disgust at the same time when I think about my old habits, shielded by denial and constant self-esteem issues. My life was seriously affected in a negative way due to porn and I will never look at it again. I cannot believe how it changed me then and now as a person, but when I am honest with myself and I look at the facts, it all makes perfect sense!

My encouragement to those just starting is simple: if you want to live a better, fuller, and more engaging life where you wake up every day and feel your emotions, quit! The best part about the battle is that it get’s easier as time goes on. Your scary PMO dreams turn into regular ones and your interaction with women improves to levels you didn’t know you had!

Porn is bad for you, like really bad, and I cannot stress it enough how it has negatively affected me and my social life for so long. If you are addicted and you can admit to yourself that you are, you are at the key decision point. The next time you feel an urge, ask yourself what kind of life you want to lead…and make a decision to follow the path you imagine yourself walking. I’m willing to bet it will take you to success.

LINK – 50 Day Report and Encouragement for those Just Starting Out

by usa123fuckyeah