500 days – I’m here and I’m not just a different person: I’m 10 people different.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon The Great Porn Experiment lecture. But that video really was the preface of a hell of a change in my life.  You say abstaining from masturbation gives you more confidence? That will make you much more attractive to girls? Sign me up!

That’s the reason why I stopped watching porn and jerking off. I have been feeling I wasn’t enough for 20+ years, I was shy, self-conscious, weak. I felt like a loser and I was a loser. I wanted to get girls like the cool guys do, one night stands and all.

Some say you shouldn’t do it for the girls. Do it for any reason you have. It doesn’t matter if it’s a BS reason. You’ll grow out of it and you’ll find new reasons to keep going.

500 days I’m here and I’m not just a different person: I’m 10 people different. This adventure has been changing me so much and you know what? I’m still changing myself.

It’s not Nofap anymore. Nofap is just the winning team you decide to join, to train and play with. Once you get good at this game, it’s YOU that’s winning and you are ready for prime time.

Some of you may want to know the “benefits of Nofap”. I’d say the first ones one experience in his streak are due to Nofap. Then when you take back the control of your life, you are actively changing yourself by making thougher choices you wouldn’t have made while you are were porn-watching zombie.

I’ll copypaste here a comment I posted a while back with some benefits I have experienced and how my relationship with girls has changed. For the PUA, out there: NoFap has turned me into a naturally attractive person. Here you some details:

“In order of appearance (more or less): more sensitivity, deeper voice, more confidence, more clarity, more energy to work out, more aggressivity in doing things, better memory, better skin, burning more fat, the balls to take cold showers, the balls to do other things and learning them faster than before, walking taller, being intimidating to people (not sure if it’s a benefit, but you can’t go back, it’s your energy and you can’t repress it), being more respected and treated better by people, being way more attractive, being more clever and having better ideas, being constantly evolving and most of the times being happier.

It’s still a rollercoster but the ups are higher and downs are not so bad.

If you are constantly challengin yourself, the rollercoster is inevitable.

Only people that are stuck at some point don’t experience.

Honestly, sometimes I really feel like I am a God, a super hero and now that I’ve thought about how lucky I am to have experienced all this, I’m feeling a really blissful feeling of happiness coming from my belly.

So thank you very much for asking!

Just remember Nofap is just an excuse to start living, altough, I don’t believe it’s a placebo. Your chemistry changes as you stop watching porn and masturbating, you can feel it. But you have to really go after the change, it doesn’t fall from the sky automatically. Some may happen naturally, some definately not.

PS: other benefits with womens, beside the common “I’m more attractive thanks to Nofap”. I’m easily attracted to a girl, I can spot beauty where other see shitty face, small boobs and not so nice ass. Feminity draws me in, but I’m not attached to it.

I don’t need it, I’m not needy. They may be beautiful but I’m not controlled by it. I’m not obsessed by boobs and asses, I don’t dream of fucking them like an animal 10 seconds after I’ve met them. I can’t get hard by watching pictures of sexy, naked women. I may see a girl on picture on FB and feel nothing; then I meet her and I’m attracted.

I like to take things slower and enjoy the process with women. I don’t like being used by women that just want to use my penis to get off for one-night stands. They make me really angry.

I used to follow the PUA universe. Now I realize how easy it’s to attract a girl when you are naturally attractive and you don’t really pay too much attention to it. You are just yourself and they like you for who you have become. You stop girls and say hi and they are attracted (not always, but you couldn’t care less). Being indirect with girls is better than going HI I LIKE YOU I WANT TO KNOW YOU CAUSE YOU ARE CUTE: the girl will know you are there because you like them and they’ll enjoy it more cause you’ll leave them guessing a little bit. Being direct, imo is just for people that don’t believe they are attractive and need to verbally show they have the guts. Being direct with your non-verbal comunication and escalating slowly is way way nicer and as a man I enjoy it even more myself.

I laugh at some material on the web like “how to be attractive to women” and such cause it’s not something you learn from a video. Also, if you are worried about being attractive (as I was) you’ll never be really, naturally, attractive.

You’ll just be an unsecure man trying to be The Man. And if you try, you are not. There is no try, you either are or not. I know it cause I’ve been worried about being attractive and then I realized how stupid I was.

Becoming attractive is all about freeing yourself from all the past traumas, beliefs and conditioning that’s holding you back. It means going to therapy, meditating, relaxing your body and doing yoga, going out facing your fears, etc. Facing the uncomfortable shit, basically, in any way you can.

You are not genetically different from a natural like, say, Price Harry.

You have just been raised by insecure people that thought you how to be insecure, shamed, not good enough. If you are the child of a king and you were raised like it, not seeking approval, you’ll be naturally a boss.

For the same reason, rich kids tend to be more confident and have lots of girls. It’s not the money, it’s the upbringing. The money the family have is a consequence of their dads and grandads confidence that’s now being passed to their kids.

Imo Nofap (and the work on myself I did, a lot) has been turning myself into the natural version of myself. Not the best natural in the world nor the smoothest, I’m still learning but I really have that aspect figured out and no insecurity left. The rest is all practice, practice, practice.

Going out, being social. Without that Nofap can’t do much.

Nofap is just the fuel, your body and mind are the car.

You are the pilot. You drive the change.”

To all Nofappers out there… enjoy the storm. This is what you were made for.

So bring it.

LINK – They say you shouldn’t join NoFap for girls. I did it. Today is my 500th day of NoFap.

by nofapmario