6 months – I have a working penis (no more PIED!)

After what felt like forever, I finally beat PIED. It feels soooo good to finally be able to have sex with my girlfriend, whom when I told, was understanding and really supported my throughout this difficult journey.

For all the fapstronauts out there who are in the same situation I was, don’t worry, you’ll eventually overcome it. It’s VERY much worth it to not fap for a couple months to recover your manhood. I wont lie, I relapsed a few times (2-3), but I never quit and kept at it, I even deleted my 300+ photo album recently! (It was hard to part with it because I had been adding to it for years). Good luck all!

LINK – After 6-ish months, I have a working penis (no more PIED!)



I just wanted to share my success so far in curing my PIED, but I also want to share my story. Being overweight in 5th-7th grade and unattractive, I never thought I’d get a girl. I’d fap daily, and as time went on, my porn addiction got worse. I remember the first time I went on a porn site, I felt so ashamed, it felt weird to be looking at naked people. But after a while of being an avid porn watcher, nothing seemed to bother me. In fact, I couldn’t be turned on by “normal” categories, I began getting into fetish and rule34 type stuff. I fapped so much, during vacations id fap minimum around 7 times I believe. I would just stay in my room all day with napkins and masturbate. The turning point, when I decided to finally quit my addiction, was around 2 months ago, when I got into my first sexual relationship. I never thought it would happen, I thought I’d just be a virgin forever (prior to this relationship, I finally got into two others, so I wasn’t thinking id never get a girl anymore). But when the time came, I couldn’t get it up. My dick was limp. She sucked it, humped me, gave me a handjob, nothing. I couldn’t get it up to save my life. It was so frustrating and embarrassing. Out of all the things in life, I’d never thought that this would be a problem, I thought it just happened to others. At first, we both said it was because it was my first time and I was just nervous, (which made sense, as we had planned it and was thinking about performing well all day). I never thought of linking it to my extensive fapping/porn usage. I decided to look into my inability to get an erection, because after I thought about it, I hadn’t been able to get a full on erection in forever. I thought my limp dick was an actual boner, that’s how bad my porn use was. Apparently, extensive porn use causes ED, called PIED, which is Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. I matched all the symptoms, it all clicked. I did so much research, to try and cure myself of PIED. I decided to just completely quit masturbation. I was surprised, its actually pretty easy to not fap, at least for me. I always get the temptation now and then though, but I always resist. Its been around 2 months, I lost count haha, but I could feel the benefits. I actually have been getting full erections now and then, they don’t last very long but hey, progress, NoFap is working. I’ve also noticed that I’m actually very social now, I’m more courageous. Im not sure whether to link this to NoFap, or that I’ve become actually pretty attractive (at least that’s what people tell me, it just gives me confidence to be told im attractive lol) I dont plan to return to fapping, I want to be able to have sex with my girlfriend (Sidenote, I have a new girlfriend, I’m not with the girl I had my first sexual encounter with). I don’t ever want to disappoint again, I never want to feel less than a man again, I just want to have healthy relationships. I know sex isn’t everything, I’m pretty young, but seriously, its a big chunk in a relationship. I hope this wasn’t too boring or anything, just hoping this could be of interest to someone, or even provide inspiration to someone who is close to relapsing and had a similar experience to mine.

TL;DR: Never thought I’d have a gf, thought I’d be a virgin forever, major porn addiction, started getting attractive, started getting girls, first sexual encounter, couldn’t get it up because of my Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction, felt less than a man, did research, stopped fapping, and now I can actually get it up, somewhat. And sorry for the wall of text, I have no idea how to format this/ make it into chunks.