6 months – More energy & passion, Have a mental edge, Flirting with women is 100% natural

I’m not going to say much, I’m just going to say that I’ve been porn free for exactly 6 months, and can count the number of times I’ve fapped since then on one hand. I’m just going to list all the benefits that I’ve experienced with NoFap:

  1. The elimination of the glassdoor effect (fapping to porn made me a spectator, and when I saw a beautiful woman, there was an invisible wall keeping me from approaching her), I don’t gawk at women, I don’t allow my mind to “wish they could be mine one day”, I just make it happen.
  2. More energy throughout the day
  3. More passion about life
  4. A mental edge over most regular guys
  5. Improved sales
  6. A more attractive, magnetic personality
  7. Flirting with women is 100% natural; I used to try to think my way to attraction and use “logic” to attract women, this was not good, not good at all. Literally, women used to be interested in me, then I would screw it up because of my porn/fap addiction and awkwardness – I didn’t think I was worthy of girlfriend.
  8. I rarely get rejected. I mean it will happen, but I noticed the more weight I lost, the less I got rejected, so there are other things to consider too; you can’t just stop masturbating and expect women to pile on top of you, you have to let it spill into other parts of your life first. I thought I got rejected one time, but three weeks later after she breaks up with her boyfriend, I’m the first one she texts, maybe I’m rebound, maybe I’m the cause for the break up; who knows. Who cares.
  9. My willpower is incredible; every day is a small win, and your willpower increases, NoFap spills into other aspects of my life, NoLaziness, NoDirty, NoSpending, NoSwearing, NoFear, etc; I’ve basically became a self improvement maniac and a man of perfection.
  10. I’ve replaced fapping time with reading books, best decision ever.
  11. When you combine NoFap with not focusing on women anymore, women no longer become your ultimate prize, meaning that you aren’t afraid to approach them anymore, I hate to put it in these terms; but your penis and her vagina are on the same level; she’s not on a pedestal anymore.
  12. Masturbation has been eliminated from my mind as a sexual option. It’s not natural to me anymore. I went on r/gonewild the other day, and I’m like, “WTF am i supposed to do, there’s pictures, I can’t interact with these women, so what’s the point?”
  13. Sex drive is the strongest force known to man, think about it; you can edge to porn for 5 hours a day without even thinking about it, now what would happened if you had that same energy, and applied it to other things. It’s more possible than you think. (Look up sexual transmutation – Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich) – If you read that, Napoleon Hill goes over why many men aren’t successful until after their 40s; it’s because they aren’t wasting their sexual energy on chasing girls/masturbating to porn anymore – so they have the drive to reach their goals. Imagine you at your younger age, with a higher sex drive, you are wasting away a prime opportunity. Stop.
  14. When you master sexual transmutation (I’m not a master yet, but I’m still learning/growing in its ways), aka stop focusing on sex (including porn), and focus on production. You will become aloof towards women. Don’t ask me why, but women love aloof men.

I know my benefits seem to be focused around attracting women, because that’s what guys on here want to read. But the truth is, it has done so much more for me; I realized that women aren’t the key to happiness, that it’s internal. In fact, the women I’m attracting have become a burden. I don’t know who’s the right one for me, because they are beautiful with wonderful personalities; aka high quality women. So I’m perfectly content not attracting more women.

I’m focusing my sexual energy on creating successful habits, becoming more productive, and becoming a better me, because honestly that’s what NoFap is about, and if you want to have success with women, you will realize that you should only focus on creating more successful habits and improving yourself. That will get you the most women, I promise.

THREAD – My Personal Benefits of NoFap

by LuxuryCanWait