6 months – This is like the movie, “17 again”

Have you guys watched the movie called 17 again? If no, I’ll tell you what happens.

There is a 37 year old guy, sad with his monotonous life, works hard but doesn’t get promoted, his family members doesn’t like him, he has no real friends, no future aspirations, no nothing.

But one fine day he finds a time machine sort of a thing which makes him back the 17 year old cheerful, fit basketball champ of his high school. Girls start to check him out, makes new friends, becomes the sports champ of school, eats junk food but still is always in shape, goes out with friends to clubs, doesn’t give a fuck what other say about him, is optimistic and at the end of the day is happy. This time machine doesn’t exist for majority of the population, but guys there is this magical gadget for us fapstronauts that can literally transform our life forever. Yes we are lucky. It is nofap and noporn. I am like many others a living example of this experience.

So my soldiers, its time to wake up. Show the universe that you have a heart of a lion, and this nofap is such a small hurdle to overcome. Stop being a loser, find that warrior within. Your beautiful future is waiting for you with open arms, all is up to you.

Just in the end would like to share a quote “When Spirit rises and commands, gods are ready to obey“. That spirit exists within you at this very moment that can make you overcome any challenge.

LINK – ★ So this is how it feels like after almost 6 months ★

by bej7