60 days = 1 pregnant wife: I had ED & low libido.

Before starting NoFap, I’d came during sex with my wife about twice in the past year. We were at the place of trying to conceive after almost 9 years of marriage, but I just couldn’t keep it up, which was entirely down to my daily PMO habit (my wife is very attractive).

Two months later, we were having great sex weekly. 61 days in, her pregnancy test came back positive. Some people talk about nofap being life changing, but in my case it was literally life creating.

LINK – 2 months in = 1 pregnant wife

by em_dubs



I went over a year of no PMO when I was single ~12 years ago. Not sure how long exactly. Relapses were short when they happened, periods of months in between. Don’t think I ever got back above 6 months after that first year though.

Was doing generally well until about 2 years ago, when I began my slide back into porn. I tried to make myself feel better by calling it “normal” but I felt awful about myself. Got to be an every day thing as in the bad old days.

Reached a moment of clarity after some counselling and yourbrainonporn 2 weeks ago. I understand much better now what I’ve known for some time: porn is harmful to myself, to my marriage, to my relationships, to my ability to be who I want to be. It’s insidious, and I want no part of it.



Today is day 1. I successfully nofapped for over a year, but that was 12 years ago. I’ve probably gone past 90 days 2-3 times since then, but the siren song always lured me back. PMO is causing sexual problems with my wife (some ED, no desire) and I’m finally getting my shit together.

I’ve done this before. I understand the harm better now, both scientifically and relationally. I am doing 90 days nofap and don’t plan to stop there: I remember feeling much better when I just didn’t fap. I won’t be doing hard mode since my wife and I are going to try to conceive soon.

The especially hard thing for me is that I’m a web developer who works from home, so temptation is always close at hand. Whenever I’ve tried web filters they’ve interfered with my actual work, but I’m open to recommendations.