60 days – Better erections, easier interactions, better sleep, ADD & IBS gone

Sooner or later lobbyists are going to come looking, which includes billion dollar industiries like pharma, TV etc, because you don’t need as many things to make you happy, or drugs to make you feel better. They will lose a lot of customers, which means huge losses as this catches on.

We have touched 70,500+ members, add to that the lurkers and anyone who has ever got a gist of this good virus called nofap, even via word of mouth.

These people will want to create doubts in minds of fapstronauts/femstraunauts, whose brains are looking for excuses for relapse, just the mention that porn is ‘OK’, or Masturbation is ‘OK’ with enough authority can, find way to your weakness leading to relapse…

My Benefits

  • I have been cured of ADD, IBS, (no ritalin, cannabis for some unexplainable disease)
  • given up smoking, (good for the wallet, lungs and less risk of cancer)
  • no drugs, (no explanation reqd)
  • good sleep, (clear head, willpower)
  • good exercise/motivation, (good body)
  • easier interactions with women… (naturals )
  • Better Erections, sensations (no viagra)
  • my lifes plans are clear, and I have the will and the energy to follow them. what more would one need???

Stay Vigilant of these agents, if you are able to live life the way you want, this is good.period.

LINK – As we grow, keep a watch out for PMO Lobbyists!

by aj1481


UPDATE – My brain is sneaking up on me

My brain is sneaking up on me with twisting self talk to sound like me.

Its asking me, “I like to acquire knowledge, right?? so whats new in the world of porn, have some new genres got invented, who’s the new star, whats positions, lighting, color schemes, the pop culture borrows from it too, I don’t want to be left behind now do I??”

haha the smart ass brain, and Im putting it out here to keep myself safe and reveal the wolf in the sheep’s clothing that every now and then sneaks up on everyone.