617 days – There are no superpowers. There is only you.

TLDR – NoFap won’t save you. There is no secret ingredient that will grant you superpowers over life. There is only you and how you choose to spend your time. But you absolutely should still cease PMO completely.

Intro – In December 2012, I watched the Ted talk on porn. Since the start of 2013, I have not PMO-ed. And I still haven’t. But today I was in my hotel room hot tub and those water jets hit my Mr Bojangles. And I said ‘Fuck it’ and went to town. The trip took 15 seconds. And that was the the end of my streak. Oh well. Back to day 1.

Background – From age 14 to to the last day of 2012, I averaged a PMO every day. The medium evolved from a single issue of Penthouse to downloading 30 second previews (15 mins over dialup) to exhausting each porn aggregation site. In terms of content, well, let’s say my tastes escalated from standard to kinky to questionable to depraved and beyond. I did not at the time realize I was being desensitized physically due to my death grip and mentally from the content. I can still name more Pornstars than there are contacts in my phone. But I have not watched porn at all since I started this. And I never will PMO again.

My Experience – The first week was agony. The first month was brutal. Then I was fine. As long as I consciously avoided porn sites, I avoided any possibility of relapse. The wet dreams helped the most. They happen every couple weeks without fail. And I abstained successfully until today.

My Results – I did not gain superpowers. I did not magically start attracting woman. I did not revitalize my existence. And abstaining from porn and fapping likely won’t for you either. Nothing changed in my social, work, or love life from NoFap. A year in I was still fat, boring, and obnoxious with bad teeth.

Last Thoughts

If your first thought when you relapse is to perversely use that stumble as a reason to relapse again, you are failing. If that thought is anger, you are making progress. And if your reaction is ‘meh’, then you have made it.

NoFap won’t grant you superpowers with the ladies. /r/fitness, /r/mfa, and other self improvement subreddits can and will. There is no secret ingredient. There is only you and how you choose to spend your time.

I recommend you read David Wong on Cracked.

LINK – 617 Day Relapse. There are no superpowers. There is only you.

by FedaykinII