64 days – no more depression, first girlfriend, life has changed

Alright nofap, here we go. I am 64 days in, and my life has changed. I have gotten over a girl who would never date me, dropped my feelings of depression (I think it might have been depression but since I have never been officially depressed I don’t quite know…), gained a girlfriend (who is amazing), had my first kiss (and makeout sorta), and just generally changed my life for the better. I would just like to say thank you, and to all the others struggling out there, add some tips.

  1. /r/coldshowers. If you feel the urge, take one. If not, take them anyway. Watch the Ted Talk on this for some more amazing benefits.
  2. Ask yourself why you should stoop to the level of an animal, and satisfy an urge that goes away, and when looked at on a deeper leve, you have no reason to do.
  3. It is never worth giving up.
  4. Have fun, and even when you aren’t having any, remember that fapping won’t make it any better.

Fapstronauts, GO!

LINK First kiss. NoFap, we made it.

by ADP_God



Alrighty, here I go. I am a few days late, because I was on holiday when the big day struck, and didn’t have access to reddit, but here I am now.

Firstly, I would like to say that it hasn’t always been easy, but I recon it was worth it.

I would also like to say that I am still very skeptical of the entire process, as I feel like people would attribute the good in their lives to this, while omitting the bad things, but I am not denying that I think my life has changed for the better since I started noFap.


Firstly, I have half and hour to an hour and a half (that sounds nice when said aloud) more time on my hands, often to get work done that I feel is not wasted.

Secondly, I am a happier, less depressed person, and I feel like my feelings of self doubt, anger towards myself, and just general upsetness are gone.

Thirdly, I very much enjoy telling people that I don’t fap, and watching as their faces turn to shock.

Fourth(ly?), I feel like I have gained a level of self control over myself, that I would very much like to try and apply to other aspects of my life (procrastination is a large problem with me [I should be working right now])

Finally, and probably most importantly, I asked a girls out, and she said yes 🙂 I also had my first kiss, which was great, which I posted about in another thread, also on noFap here for anybody who wants to read it.

Im sure there are other things to say, but I cant think of any more right now so…


EDIT: Just wanted to add that I was never really addicted to porn or masturbating, but I found this sub during a transition period in my life, and I wanted to make the biggest change for the better that I could.


1 YEAR UPDATE – One year done. The answer is always no.

Will I break my streak tonight? No.

Do I need to jack off? No.

Will anything break my self control? No.

NoFap has helped me see this. Not just that I should answer no to everything, but that I can reduce my problems down to simple yes or no questions, and have a set answer.

Will I go and talk to that girl over there? The answer is yes. It isn’t maybe, or if I can work up the courage. It is yes. And then I do it.

Am I going to start my work right now instead of procrastinating? Yes. A solid, true, yes.

Whenever you come close to a relapse, take a moment. Don’t ask yourself, is it worth it? Don’t ask why not. Ask yourself, am I going to jack off tonight? Will I break my streak? Will I have to reset my counter?

And the answer is always no.