8 months in, and I ain’t going back

So I’m feeling that rocketship flair will be coming my way before long.

I joined nofap in March and have been going strong since. I’ve gotten a g/f, gone into business as a contractor with a really cool grounded guy, and my sense of calm is becoming more and more my identity.

I used nofap, and the clarity of mind to dive straight into my negativity and doubts, and worries from day one. For some reason it was the right time for me, and I was determined to defeat the things that consistently made me relapse. The primary reasons I’d fail would be due to stress and negativity.

It’s true that PMO is an escape from one’s pain like any other drug, and once you stop PMO, you’ll have to face these things, so be prepared for battle, and be prepared to face difficult times. PMO is like grabbing onto a bouy in a rough sea, and feeling satisfied that you’ve found some sort of anchor, but to truly find safe ground you’re got to let go of the bouy and swim through the dangerous waters in order to find firm land where you can stand up, and have a life.

So that’s about it. I started nofap and I joined /r/nofapwar shortly after which has been incredibly helpful and very fun. I have a relationship with a girl which is just awesome, and there’s none of the codependence I experienced in my past relationships. That’s probably because I don’t feel broken anymore. I feel integrated and grounded.

It’s true nofap won’t change anything unless you defeat the mental obstacles which push you to fap. So I encourage everyone to wage full war on one’s own mind when undertaking nofap, because anything less and you won’t prevail and find that firm land to stand on. A true recovery has got to address these mental obstacles or else one will be hitting that flair bot button and resetting once again…

So that’s about it. I’ve found this immensely invaluable in my life and have found it to have very powerful spiritual benefits. I’m just a better person. I’m more flexible in my behavior, and in my mind. I just don’t get hung up on things like I used to, and when I do get hung up I’ll start analyzing my problem to address the core of the issue. Before I took my problems for granted, and believed that they were real issues. The truth is that with some questioning you can totally unearth the basis for mental hang-ups, and then be free.

I want to say kudos to those of you who are doing this. Whether you’ve got the elusive green star, purple star, rocket, or have just reset your badge for the 50th time, believe that you can do this. You can do this and it is worth it.

Kudos to all my buddies over at /r/nofapwar and /r/aquamarines as well. you’ve brought a lot of joy in my life and I’m happy to go through this with you.



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by Basileas