9 months – ED: More confident, fetishes faded, I can connect with a woman on every level

One of the reasons I began my nofap journey was my lack of umm, performance where it counts. Specifically, my ED led to many failed sexual encounters and contributed to a more recent doomed relationship. Death grip and daily ever escalating porn habits literally made the physical act of sex a chore that I dreaded rather than desired.

Fast forward 9 months later. After an 88 day streak (I know, I know) and then several subsequent 7-, 21- and 30- day streaks, I’m happy to report my ED is (almost) completely vanquished.

But here’s the best part! Because my sensitivity is still somewhat hindered (from years of daily fapping) I can now literally last as long as a woman wants to keep going and finish whenever I decide. As a result, the last two women I’ve been with have both commented on what a “great lover” I am and how I “last so long, this is so amazing”.

In summary, I experienced these benefits (your mileage may vary):

  • I desire sex and no longer dread sex, anxiety is a thing of the past
  • ED has dissipated significantly
  • I last as long as I want/need to when with a woman
  • I’m more confident and comfortable in my manliness
  • Women sense my new resulting confidence and are attracted to it
  • My kinky porn preferences have faded (not disappeared) to the background
  • I can connect with a woman on EVERY level, intellectual and physical
  • I am optimistic that my next serious relationship will have a wonderful romantic physical connection

I share this, not to brag – this is anonymous after all – but rather, to give you ED sufferers a gleaming, shining beacon of hope. Things really do get better! 🙂

LINK – The best sexual result of nofap (hope for ED sufferers!)

by nexttin