9 months – Married (ED): Great confidence, centered, better focus/memory, More sociable

I deleted my old account but i realized lately, this addiction will ALWAYS be there, always there to tempt and corrupt you so even after this long I’ve been having some hard days. My story: 18 years of PMO almost twice a day, low libido, low test= Poor memory, focus, attention, no muscles, blurry vision, no lucid dreams, waking up at 4, 5 am in the mornings + disturbed sleep all night. Socially awkward, no confidence, hot flashes, sweating if someone talks to me, can’t hold eye contact and many, many more.

Now: Great confidence, centered, better focus/attention and memory. I socialize a lot, can talk to anyone really without even thinking about it and a great conversationalist. I’ve been taking bodybuilding seriously along with meditation and it has paid dividends for me.

So remember, NEVER sleep on this addiction and although i didn’t relapse the signs slowly started to creep up on me so i knew i had to come back and get involved again. If you have any questions ask away.

LINK Over 9 months of no PMO

by nofap4lif3


UPDATE300 days fapfree.. 65 more for the big one!

Can’t believe how excited i am, this community is incredible and the support here is fantastic. We’re all here trying to become a better man, an improved version and working towards a better future.

B4 nofap

  • Terrible memory: Tried Ginko, choline with no results
  • No Focus
  • No concentration
  • Lazy
  • no motivation
  • anxiety
  • No friends
  • PIED
  • LOW sex drive


  • MORE compassionate
  • Like to help others
  • Love talking to people everywhere i go
  • make friends easy
  • better memory, focus, concentration
  • I’m going to start self-teaching myself to become a web developer
  • More hobbies
  • workout daily/meditate daily and socialize daily

Love you all, stay strong, stay positive and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask away.


UPDATE – HOW porn destroyed my life and what i did to get it back!

Porn was introduced to me at the tender age of 12, at that time my buddies and i used to play spin the bottle (or starting to). The girl would meet us in this abandoned hospital at 8 at night and it just so happened that at that same time i was introduced to pornography by going to the video store, the back section and getting my fix. Suddenly, i stopped going to the meetups with my friends and would look forward to going to the video store instead. In H.S. i enjoyed getting home so i can M/O every day instead of going for girls, even the girls that were into me gave me no satisfaction and would find excuses for not going for them. This began to cause me great unsatisfaction and at 18 decided enough is enough so i went out with my first girl only to dump her in 2 weeks, go out with another one, she dumped me in three weeks. There i was again, back to square one, with less self confidence and escaping further from reality with porn (which became more available now through online websites) so i would spend every waking moment watching porn, M/O 6x per day, yes! I would spend 6 times a day MO. By my late 20s i decided again to date girls and again nothing. Luckily i met my wife 4 years ago and ran into this website/online research articles and I’ve been here now for 2 years(i had a long run of 378 days without any PMO) BUT for the past year i’ve been back and forth, the longest streak being 8 days!

I can truly tell you guys with PMO your life is absolutely shambolic, lacking manliness and any sort of integrity. when you go on a run of 90 days or more of no PMO/monk mode, your life will change dramatically with more self-confidence than you’ll know what to do with. After being let go from every job I’ve ever had now i’m in management, doing very well still meditating but PMO is still around, i was told i would always battle with this disease so i don’t expect any less than a fight every day.