90 day mini report

Absolutely! Others and myself have noticed changes and improvements in myself.

Since about mid December 2013 I have had just a strong passion to workout and to finally get the into the condition I’ve always thought about since I was 16. That’s the main improvement people are noticing, I’ve put on 24lbs since December 1st, 2013, I can run 2.5miles at 7mph without a trouble of breathing. Before I was lucky to jog 1mile at 5.5mph without my heart racing and out of breath. Last night at the gym I single arm curled a 60lbs dumbbell single rep, when I started lifting heavily in on the 14th of January, 2014, I could do a 35 single rep.

Confidence has gone up greatly with everyday that goes onto that counting badge, it just another day that I beat and beat the addiction that use to control so much of my life.

I’ve found myself ready and happy to step outside of comfort zone to try new things, which has been a blasting good time on every occasion.

There are so many positives that I could just go on and on, but I won’t. totally worth all the fighting with my pmo mixed up mind or the last 90day to be where I am currently.

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by dieselcackle