90 day – Much happier, more confident and expressive

** Day 1** : I Visited NoFap and aimed for 321 days.. Oh my God.. So long. I didn’t even knew if i myself am so confident to do this. I got a new laptop.. Destroyed my PC on which I used to watch porn all the tie.. Hammered the Harddisk.. I didn’t care about my appearances that time.. My Ex Girlfriend was Happy away from me..

Day 10 : My Breakfast is becoming Interesting.. I want to Jog.. I am now trying to have lunch with family. while before this i used to eat in front of my computer’s screen. But the worst part is I am Horny as Hell. Even a glimpse of an actress’s body triggers me. I am Fighting with urges.

Day 20 : I have started to sleep less at night and having more fun with friends.. I use to sleep for just 4-5 hours and still i don’t have any problem like insomnia.. I am now more close to friends.. I told my mom about my Ex-girlfriend.. I read of an antiporn software named K9 .. installed it.. Its great.. Now i wasn’t getting triggers.. I started using my laptop again regularly.

Day 30 : I am feeling charming now.. girls now ignore me very rarely.. I am now becoming cool.. I am now working on my looks.. improving day by day..keep yourself away from porn and the world welcomes you..

Day 40 : My morning wood is back.. its a great feeling walking to your bathroom with your hard thing and then peeing.. People laugh at my jokes now.. I now love running every where.. I used to get tensed on little things .. But Now I do care for my priorities only..

Day 50 : Night Dreams are frequent now.. But i understand they are just because the sperms want keep their level normal in my body.. My face expressions are changing and i am becoming more confident everyday..

Day 60 : Got a Big 2 in that lovely star on my nofap reddit.. I am Happy more than ever… I read some articles and watched some videos on How porn industry treats their stars.. and watched some pornstars without makeup.. Almost vomited.. what a loser i used to be..

Day 70 : Started watching my movies again.. Now they don’t trigger me.. Even the most explicit scene doesn’t intimidate me.. I deleted the k9 because it used to block certain useful websites.. Now I don’t need any damn software to keep me away from sexual material.. My brain itself understands whats healthy for me and i love it..

Day 80 : I am listening songs alot now.. I am Hell of confident.. Friends tell me <You are Awesome .. My vision of who i am and what is meant to be for me.. I have solved a long time riddle now.. ** Happiness is keeping your self from that most dangerous drug called Porn**

Day 90 : The king is back I did the Best presentation of my life in my college.. Friends told me you were great even my teacher complimented me… I can now express anything with my face only..

Present Day: I do watch alot of explicit material now .. But it doesn’t trigger me.. Yeah But still i keep myself away from porn.. Yeah XX is a no problem to me Now… I Love myself i love you all doing nofap.. Thanx Nofap..

**Aiming for my 321 days and then for that awsome rocket** You stay strong My nofap friends and never give up..

And plz plz plz Pardon my English.. I know its kind of annoying accent..

LINK – A 90 day Report with Every 10 days gap..

by fap009