90 day report – No erections, no urge for sex, no libido. Nothing. severe flatline

Hit Day 90 so I figured I’d recap the past 90 days as I know I enjoyed those while I was trying to get through this.

So my NoFap was purely due to ED and the inability to get an erection. I would literally have girls naked in my bed blowing me and I just could not get hard. After this happened twice I realized something was really wrong with me and started NoFap.

Unlike a lot of people here, during the first few days I didn’t get extremely horny, etc. Instead for my first 45 days I basically flatlined and had dead dick. No erections, no urge for sex, no libido. Nothing. It was extremely scary as I really thought something was medically wrong with me. During the first half I also experienced depression on some days that was pretty severe.

Things started slowly improving post 45 days. I had my first wet dream at that time and every few days I would waken with a morning erection that seemed to be harder every time it happened.

Around day 60 I started having sexual intercourse and while not able to get rock hard, I was able to get hard enough for a condom and go a couple of times in a night. My sex drive, while not what it was even several years ago, has slowly increased. I have been having sexual intercourse with different partners for the past month and not once since then has my penis let me down in terms of not getting an erection on the first round of sex.

Overall I’m not at all done with the reboot process and knew it would take me more than 90 days. 90 days is just an arbitrary number and I had been PMO for the past 8 years or so, sometimes several times a day. From my experience improvement is slow but gets faster the farther in you get. I expect the most improvement will occur for me in the last week or two of whatever time period I need to completely reboot (I’m guessing 6 months for me just based on where I am now and where I want to be).

What I still need to see in myself before my reboot is complete:

a) a much higher sex drive like I had several years ago. Right now its there but low.

b) Morning wood daily (currently its like 3-4 times a week)

c) Rock hard erections during sex or even just fooling around with a girl. My erections are solid, but not nearly what they could be.

I know my choice to have intercourse during NoFap is controversial but I did it because

a) it showed me I had made progress in the first few months

b) I was having more and more frequent wet dreams which were annoying to clean up. When you have sex or even just a BJ it seems to reset your wet dream count down

c) Training our minds and bodies to ejaculate with real women is the correct path and what we want to be doing.

My closing thoughts are that No Fap is certainly solving the issue I started it to solve, but its a slow process. I am no where near the end but it dos work.

Happy to answer any questions, especially from the minority of those with dead dick syndrome.

LINK – Day 90 – experience from someone who had dead dick syndrome

BY  deaddick