90 days – Always energetic & outgoing, better memory, punctual, standing up straight

Sup noFap,

90 days ago, i told myself I’m not gonna relapse anymore, never again, I’m gonna be a god, the only way I’m gonna orgasm is when i have sex and all that good shit. Now here I am, 90 days in (91 if u count the badge) and if u ask me, am i proud? FUCK YEAH IM PROUD BITCH!

The things i noticed about myself in this past 90 days

-always energetic, not looking tired and shit

-can push myself to the limit when im working out

-feel like i can pick up skills easier and have better memory

-always outgoing, willing to go out whenever a friend calls me

-PUNCTUALITY (this is never been the case for me, but that’s what i felt improve greatly in me)

-Standing up straight, good posture (probably because of my workouts, but whatever)

I’ve done a lot of things to improve my lifestyle too

-Stopped playing any pc games like sc2 and dota 2. (I’m a master league in sc2, and I’m very passionate about sc2 because I’ve been playing starcraft since 1998. But sacrifices had to be made)

-Drinking 2-3 litres of water everyday (anybody who isn’t doing this, start doing it today, shits good for your body bro)

-Working out 4 days a week (lift heavy, small reps)

-even when im not hitting the gym, i still do push ups at home until my arms spaghetti

-learning how to sing/scream through some YouTube videos

-picking up my classical guitar and learning how to play some songs (I’m still terribad though)

-eating a shitload

-Cardio 6 days a week (gotta lose that belly fat)

Weird thing about the 90 days I’ve been through, i didn’t exactly have any serious troubles of relapsing. Some things can be improved though such as my social skills (I’m socially retarded) and approaching people. I’m planning of starting meditation soon too.

Those days when im flatlining and feeling shitty, i usually spend listening to music that i like and trust me, music is really the way to go. This one especially pulled me through those tough days:



LINK – 90 days in. Here is how shit went down.

by eMpSkayP