90 days – Back from the dead.

I started NoFap in late 2013, totally intrigued by the concept. I relapsed a couple of times. THEN, I spent an evening on yourbrainonporn. The articles and studies there basically just switched something in my brain – like, even the consideration of porn is repulsive to me.

I see it as a choice that will have dramatic negative impacts on my life, and I’ve simply not returned. I feel like I never will.

The first few weeks were in Hard Mode. However, I was in a long-term relationship for over a year at that point, so hard mode didn’t last long.

Anyway, let’s jump to the benefits. Back when I PMO’d, I would often feel sleepy, lethargic, unworthy, etc. That is mostly gone.

  • I look better, and am much more confident socially.
  • I’m dramatically more energetic and more optimistic about life.
  • I just feel like more of a MAN now.
  • I think that NoFap in part gave me the clarity and resolve to ask my girlfriend to marry me a few months ago. (she said yes)
  • I know many Redditors are atheist or whatever, but I feel like the “spiritual” dimension has greatly improved for me. Or to put it more secularly, I feel more like a part of the world, and I am much less self-absorbed, things like that.

The combination of all those things has made a ridiculously positive impact. Like, I can’t even imagine going back to how things were…

Advice: The absolute crux of my success was fully internalizing the concepts on YBOP. If you BELIEVE what they’re saying, PMO will quite frankly scare the crap outta you, and you’ll be done. The benefits will come, that is secondary. And I don’t mean to say it’ll be easy, but having a very sober understanding of the effects of porn was what really tipped the scales for me.

Edit: I wanted to add that in addition to the above, I have also stayed pretty busy and tried to stay social. It’s been kind of a positive feedback loop, where the further I got from PMO, the easier social relationships became. Oh, and exercising was huge for me. I prefer picking up heavy things and putting them down, and it’s become my new drug, if you will.

TL;DR: Carry on, fellow Fapstronauts! The challenge is more than worth it. I’m just another testament to that.

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LINK – Back from the dead. Day 90.

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