90 days – ED cured, best sex of my life

LINK – Obligatory 90 success story + some opinons on this community

Before I started I was fapping daily, I didn’t consider it an addiction or even a problem at that point but things would prove different eventually. This is my first try at NoFap and I have yet to reset.

My biggest motivational factor and the reason I started this was my girlfriend, it wasn’t long after we had gotten together that I found out about NoFap by coincidence. I didn’t think much about it at first but the first times me and my girlfriend tried to have sex I failed due to ED which I don’t know was porn induced or due to nervousness.

After this occurred I decided to give NoFap a go, the first two or three weeks were by far the most difficult due to heavy urges, but my goal always made me win against the urges in the end.

A month in I was finally able to achieve an erection that was good enough for sex and ever since then our sex life has just gotten better and better and I’m now having the best sex of my life.

As an added bonus I’ve also made other changes to my life such as loosing a bit of weight (I wasn’t fat or over weight, but I also wasn’t entirely happy about my own body) and to stop chewing my nails.

Ever since I got rid of the ED NoFap hasn’t really been much of a challenge at all, the poeple on here who impress me the most are the ones who pass their goals without even having any way of getting their “release” except for wet dreams. My hat goes off to you guys and gals.

Now on to this community; boy are you awesome for the most part, but you can also suck pretty bad at times. Sometimes when I come on here I see a lot of post with people who think they are superior to others who fap regularly, which I can’t help but to feel is bullshit – I don’t judge or se myself as better than those who fap just in the same way I don’t judge people who smoke or have other “bad” bad habits. Their lives is none of my business.

TL;DR: Was fapping daily, got a GF, had ED, got rid of ED a month in and now PIV-ing more than ever. This community is nice but I don’t agree with the “we’re better than the fappers”-mentality.