90 days – ED cured, no longer feel anxious in public

So I started no fap to take care of my porn induced ED. I would jack off daily like most of you open up a ton of tabs always looking for the best scenes. I also noticed my porn tolerance going up I needed more to get off. I would always get off to a girl with a nice ass cumming loud or 3somes, getting pounded balls deep, head/deep throat, my favorite porn stars, or just freaky girls really into sex. Basically my taste always changed – never anything too extreme, but I did notice each time what I would watch wasn’t enough or nearly satisfying enough.

So I first noticed my ED when I couldn’t keep it up with a condom on so with my last girlfriend I had to use no condoms. Pull out method was working OK sometimes Id get soft. Getting up was always a problem I needed head to get hard enough for sex.

I tried everything from supplements to drinks, wine, penis rings, etc and nothing worked. Even got testing done everything was normal. Doctor suggested Viagra I was like fuck that what the hell is my sex life gonna be like 30 years from now while I’m still on this shit. All those supplements and herbs only help you get up and be horny but they obviously don’t keep you up enough

So at first I thought it was my grip of masturbating. I would kinda I guess have a death grip when I did. So I changed my habit but still noticed only minimal improvements. Finally I realized it was porn so I decided my best approach was to jerk off less. I didn’t want to go all out because I knew I would relapse quick. I started only masturbating once a week to porn. Eventually moved onto only pictures of girls no porn. When I stumbled on this reddit, and the your brain on porn site with the TED Talk, I felt I could due this due to me having already slowly changed my masturbation habits.

So the first week was hard. Second week was very hard. Third week up until day 45 I would say were mixed. Days I did not feel too horny and other days I was very frustrated needed an orgasm. Luckily I never went on a flat line but around day 45 I met a girl and finally had sex. First time with her obviously after so long I came very quick so I didn’t know if my ED was cured. Next few times I can say I have had very successful PIV sex with a condom. Haven’t experienced any problems. I can say that No FAP is clearly the main reason behind this.

I don’t want to jerk off to porn again I enjoy being able to know I can perform because before when talking to girls I would think in the back of my head ” DO I really wanna talk to her and pursue this knowing if things get hot I might not be able to perform?” There were times I would only eat girls out and tease them and tell them I didn’t want to have sex because” I wanted to tease her and build up the desire” basic bullshit because I knew I couldn’t get it up.

Now I have confidence in my game and only thing I got to work on is PE which is fine because almost every guy in the world has to deal with that 100 times better than not even being able to participate in sex. Now for the most part when im hooking up just from kissing im getting “RAGING BONERS” WHICH IS HUGE FOR ME FORGOT HOW THIS FELT ALMOST EVERY MORNING I GOT THE RAGING BONER WE SPEAK OF HERE.

As for super powers I don’t feel as anxious in public. I have been going to the gym at least 3 times a week since I started no fap. I have never gone this long but for some reason it just turned in to a habit. I cant say for sure if its because of no fap but put two in two together. Also before no fap I had went a year without sex and 45 days into no FAP somehow I grew a pair of balls asked a girl out kissed her on the first date and here I am today.

TL:DR Some of you new comes are probably wondering if its worth it. I say yes especially if you have porn induced ED. I was skeptical at first but now I feel way more confident in my ability to perform. I am frequently going to the gym now something I could never say before NO fap. So please ladies and gentleman lets keep this trend going and if you feel like relapsing just go on this reddit and someone’s post will always keep you on track and remind you why you are here to begin with.

LINK – 90 day Report- My Battle with Porn induced ED. and some RAGING BONERS

by skyboss13