90 days – Hard mode: greater confidence, motivation, determination & focus. I know myself better

As most of you, I started fapping from an early age, without noticing, fapping changed my perspective about sex, as time passed by I was needing more hardcore porn than before. I unconsciously jumped from fapping at magazines like Playboy to feeling unsatisfied with 1 fap per day on hardcore porn.

I felt like this had to stop… But what to do I asked myself ?

-Well stop watching porn my inner voice mumbled…

-No ! That’s way too hard ! Said my ego.

-Well let’s try it for a while and see what happens I said to myself.

I deleted all my porn videos and promised to myself not to enter on any porn websites and only fap using my own imagination !

During this period (5 months), I reduced my fap ratio from 1Fap per day to 1Fap per week.

How I felt ?

Well I felt great, but I knew I could do better !

But why doing it better? Why NoFap at all ? Am I a weirdo ? Who the hell doesn’t Fap at all?

On 4th of February I was on my 6th day streak and I was almost preparing to fap when something changed my life !

I have found you guys. The NoFap Community!

I said what the fuck? What is this?

I could’t believe my eyes, I wasn’t wrong at all ! There really are a lot of “weirdos” like me! On that same day I also found out www.yourbrainonporn.com and read everything I could and made a decision! I’m gonna do it from first try! 90 days! I know I can!

The 90 day period:

The first two weeks were the hardest, although I haven’t watched porn for 5 months it was really tempting to jerk off taking in consideration that I’m spending almost all my time on my pc…

During this period I made some rules:

  • 1. Don’t break the chain – create your own chain here – http://dontbreakthechain.com
  • 2. No porn seeing on my pc (not even images or text that trigger my mind into fantasizing about sex)
  • 3. No boner during hot showers
  • 4. No dick touching except shower & piss
  • 5. No fantasizing about sex, if so, fast change your mind to something else
  • 6. If horny – push ups
  • 7. If horny – cold shower
  • 8. If horny – go for a run

Day 14->30, things started to get better, each morning when I woke up I marked a day on the Don’t Break The Chain Calendar, that helped me a lot !

Day 30->45 I started to feel really good, I had the “superpowers”, confidence, focus, discipline, I truly felt that “If I can do NoFap for that long I can do whatever I want” it was all inside me and now I have discovered it ! I started changing other things in my life, waking up early, no procrastination on silly things, these were my good days and NoFap was like an engine, keeping other good habits going !

Day 45->70 Don’t you think that during the 90 days you’ll experience only “honey and milk” feelings, you’ll have your bad times, we all do, when having bad days, not fapping gave me confidence. It felt like an anchor, helped me not to drift away. When a voice in my mind was putting to doubt my power of will, an other replayed “How many friends do you have which have your power of will ? How many can maintain such a long streak ? You are a great guy ! Keep on with the good work !”

Day 70->90 I would’ve better killed myself instead of fapping, that was my mindset, after 70 consecutive mornings when I was marking on the calendar, day after day, to lose it all for 5 seconds of pleasure ? NO WAY ! I’m better than that !


Why should I give up porn & fap ?

First of all your brain will rewire, watching porn daily changes your perception about women, you see them as a piece of meat which you only use to satisfy your desires, but you’re not conscious of that, you think women also love being fucked hardcore like you see in movies. Well, that’s only an illusion, most of the women are romantic beings, and they surely like being treated in this way.

You’ll gain discipline, confidence, focus on whatever you are doing, an accentuated sense of present than before, eliminate/reduce procrastination, etc.

It will help you during your bad times – Before NoFap when I had bad days, on those days I felt unuseful, good for nothing, not sure of myself. Nowadays when having a bad day I ask myself: Who can do what I can ? Who can master his desires like I do ? Yeah that’s me !

Love you all ! I’ll continue my streak for… forever ! Don’t lose faith in yourself !


  • My story starts like this: If you can’t renounce to porn & fap, try a PP-Preparatory Period of one month for example, when you fap without using porn. During this period you’ll see that the urge to fap daily will soon dissapear.
  • The 90 day period: This one you got to read for yourself !
  • Conclusions: Do you want to become a better person ? Do you want to be more confident on yourself ? A more disciplined person ? Don’t you hate when you can’t focus on your job ?

Try it ! Try it for a while and see how you feel ! You don’t have nothing to lose.

PS I wanted to give some advice on how to get rid of the temptation to fap on the short run- cold shower – push ups – go for a run -, though for the long run, you gotta get a girlfriend. I also wanted to test myself if I can do this period without any PMO, maybe that’s why I missed that point. So that’s my next task, go find a girl 🙂

How I feel now ? More motivated than before, more disciplined, I can focus better on my tasks, I also have more free time which I use it doing other things(like reading, working out, etc), more confident, I can keep a much longer eye contact with women, I’m not affected by others opinions anymore, I feel I know myself better. That’s what comes through my mind at this moment.

I already am an active person, I run/play soccer 2-3 times a week. What I can say is that I am more disciplined than before, I stopped killing my valuable time on facebook, I started waking up early, I stopped procrastinating my tasks, overall I can say that I channeled my attention on things that really matter for me like working on a personal project, personal development and healthy living.

LINK – 90 days on hard mode(no girlfriend) from first try – Find out why NoFap was an engine during good periods and an anchor during bad times.

by meledof