90 days – I feel inner peace, Increased confidence & comfort, Social anxiety decreased

I Finished 90 days not pmoing and I will write briefly some of the observations that I have clearly noticed during the past three months :

1 – I have more time .

2 – I’ve been noticing increasing confident and self esteem , comfortable among people dealing and talking with them. I used to have social anxiety and now I am improving gradually forcing my self to go out of my comfort zone with the help of my elevating confidence .

2 – I feel inner peace.

3 – I have experienced a lot of vivid dreams especially after my first month of nofap .

4 – from day 60 to day 90 I had 7 wetdreams .

5 – I returned to lifting 3 weeks ago after 2 months of stopping , noticing now that my muscles respond way more better to workouts compared with 2 months ago .

6 – my bad habits, thought I would get rid of them easily once I stop this addiction , unfortunately this was wrong . we have to work for our goals

Important Notes :

1- NOFAP didn’t change my life but I have improved in some aspects .. you have to start your self improvement challenge now , get rid of your bad habits and acquire positive habits , plan and work for your goals whether you are on your first day of nofap or second year .

2- the biggest thing that has helped me to reach day 90 was helping other addicts to abstain from porn and making challenges with them personaaly and I had helped more than 10 nofapers to reduce porn addiction.

#I am still learning English and if you notice any error please feel free to correct my words or geammer

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