90 days – I think everybody should before starting be aware what nofap is and what it’s not.

So I finally got to 90 days. Now in those 90 days I did some edging to porn, last time 56 ago, according to my /r/pornfree/ counter. When that counter hits 90, I’ll consider the chellenge fully completed.

Things I noticed:

  • I’m less tired. About a year ago during the summer holidays I would binge with PMO every night for weeks. I started to feel really tired and weak during the day to the point I’ve seen a doctor about it. It never occured to me that me PMOing every night could have something to do with it. Although, honestly I believe it was me staying up until 3am for weeks that caused it for the most part.
  • Girls are hotter – it got to the point where sometimes I make eye contact with a hot girl I get a boner lol.
  • More self control – before nofap if I stumbled upon porn even when I wasn’t searching for it, the moment I got turned on it was over. I couldn’t stop myself from engaging in PMO even if I wanted to. So there was that compulsion that comes with PMO you read about. That became a problem in the early stages of nofap – I relapsed when I encountered even the slightest trigger. Nowadays, I have a much stronger willpower (PMO-wise anyway). Yesterday I stumbled upon a video that hasn’t been yet removed from Youtube, and manage to just ignore it. 6 months ago I think it would be impossible not to click on the thumbnail.
  • Haven’t been ill lately – I’m usually prone to catching colds and stuff. I’m not saying it has anything to do with it, but I haven’t been ill during nofap. This may had been my first winter at least not to catch a cold.

Now the not sugarcoated part: I haven’t experienced any improvements confidence or anxiety wise whatsoever. I honestly think everybody should read the “What NoFap Is Not” section in the FAQ before starting. It cleary states: “Do not look to fapstinence to cure your physical, social, or mental ills. If you have other problems that have nothing to do with your sexual habits, they’re still going to be there when you’re done with a NoFap challenge.”

I’m shy and socially awkward (had been that way before starting PMO), and when first reading posts in this sub got my hopes up that nofap would make me less anxious and more confident, and that those problems are actually caused by fapping. WRONG. This was the reason for most of my relapses – I abstained in hope something would change, but the days went by and I was the same socially awkward penguin I had ever been.

I can’t stress this enough: Nofap will NOT change who you are. (I’m talking your personality traits, physical appearance, social skills and such).

Why would nofap solve issues which were not caused by PMO? I think those people who experience major changes and talk about superpowers (man I hate that word in this sub) were heavily addicted.

I think everybody should before starting be aware what nofap is and what it’s not.

LINK – What NoFap Is Not (not sugarcoated 90 day report)

by SwansonSamsonite