90 days – I was not addicted, yet I experienced many benefits

First off, I started this challenge mostly just as a challenge. I PMO:d around once or twice a week, so it wasn’t really an addiction. The reason I started was that I wanted to challenge myself and after reading some posts here, I wanted to see if I would experience some of the same benefits many described here in their posts.

My goal was to beat 14 days, I experienced a huge amounts of benefits from the challenge and decided to go further. The problem was that in the first run, I still watched pr0n. My reason to watch it was to see if I could resist fapping. Yes I could resist it but pr0n fucks up your brain and it eventually led me to relapse. Another problem was that I sometimes edged, “as long as I´m not O, it´s fine” I thought. Wrong, it´s also bad, if you want to get where I am now, go in 100 % in for the challenge. It wasn’t until I finally decided to go in to the challenge, no edging no porn that I made it over a month.

So now I´m here, 90 days, a full reboot. I can confirm that it´s all about a full reboot with several steps. This is how I felt during the challenge:

Day 1 – 7: Here the challenge was very hard, felt some benefits and was a bit more pumped and high energy

Day 7 – 14: Now, it´s happening, felt super high energy, happy and pumped, the benefits started to show, not as hard anymore.

Day 14-30: After a while the benefits and the energy felt a bit less but it was equally hard to stay strong.

Day 30 – 60: Now no-fapping suddenly felt so natural for me, I had replaced one habit with another, much easier to be in the challenge, still no flatline, huh?

Day 60- 80: Ah, here comes the flatline, It didn’t hit me that hard, I was a bit lower energy, I was a bit sad and it´s here when you really started to think about what you’ve lost due to fapping. For me it was mostly about not taking action. There has been opportunities where I was to chicken out to go for it, if I just would have gone for it, I might not have been in this situation

Day 80: The flatline was over for me here and now I felt like I felt in week 2 again. Yet again I was high energy and pumped. It was here that it went harder again, while I was on flatline or waiting for it I had low sexual energy but now when the reboot was done, I suddenly had high sexual energy again. But the benefits are stronger than ever.

During this challenge I have experienced the following benefits:

  • More energy
  • Better focus (I was suddenly better at focusing on things that had to be done or just focusing in general)
  • Better self control (I finally knew I could control my body. Before this challenge I felt like if you can´t control your own body, what will you be able to control.)
  • Less acne
  • More willing to take action (For example, my friend just randomly asked if I wanted to join him for a concert to an artist I like but not really a favorite on a Tuesday everyday in a capital of a country far away. I said yes.)
  • Better productivity (Better grades, more work done, other projects I work in for example programming projects got better done.)
  • More powerful erections and bigger penis (Just noticed this the last week of the challenge, like “Wow” it´s way bigger. Nice!”
  • The ability to truly appreciate women (Now when I see a woman I can truly appreciate her instead of some random pr0nstar
  • Nicer body (I started to go the gym as a way to think of and do other things than fapping. Now I have a nicer body and better posture.)
  • More comfortable and in better peace of mind (I´m more comfortable around people and now I feel more relaxed and peaceful than before the challenge.)

During the challenge I got around five wet dreams. The weren’t nice but the real problem was the chaser effect. Whenever you get a wet dream or are involved in a sexual activity the next day will be a very hard day to stay strong. The biggest urges I haves gotten during the challenge was from the chaser effect. So be prepared for it and make sure to stay stronger than ever when it hits you.

One of the most important lessons I have learned was to enjoy and understand that real life beats all online pr0n there is. Pr0n is just an illusion and when you can see that, you will understand what matters and finally start living. If you haven’t gotten that far in the challenge keep going because when you understand that fapping will never be a problem for you again.

90 days, what now?

I am glad to say I continue the challenge. The concert is in about 2 weeks and I can almost guarantee I will stay strong until then. I sure want the kind of energy I have now on the concert. 🙂 After that, we´ll see, but most likely I will still be here and challenging myself day for day.

That´s it for this report, hope you enjoyed and learned something from my experiences with this challenge. If you don´t know if you should start this challenge, take my word for it, do it! If you already are in this challenge, learn from my early mistakes, and make sure to stay strong. Whenever I got the urges I told myself; “No, I will stay strong, I can control this, it´s better to stay strong now than starting all over again.”. That´s how I completed the challenge, and I know you can too!

TLDR: Just completed the noFap challenge, experienced a bunch of positive benefits, see in bold, it was hard at times (back when I watched Pr0n on the challenge, I stopped doing so and got to day 90) but I finally did it. Watch out for the chaser effect and stay strong and you will also get to day 90!

LINK 90 days! Full report

by _The_Caveman_