90 days – I’m more social, more disciplined, more motivated

It was not easy at all, but it is getting easier every day. But it is not a victory yet, I’ve seen some guys with 3 digits badges reseting and I don’t want to be one of them.

My background wasn’t the easiest: single, lonely, skinny guy with a shitty stressful job an low self esteem, I can’t imagine a worse scenario for developing an heavy porn addiction. But I held up. Things are not great yet, but improved a lot, I’m more social, more disciplined, more motivated, I’m working out and developing some post-work projects to try to improve my professional situation. Some guys report that after some time clean they achieved some goals (aka pornfree superpowers), that’s not my case yet, but I fell I’ve opened the path and I’m willing to follow it.

For everyone trying to fight this addiction:

It’s not easy, it takes time for you to see some improvements and urges will come and go but they will get weaker every week. So keep up. Remember that every day of failure is a wasted day that you will NEVER GET BACK. Time doesn’t stop or go back, so don’t waste it.

tl;dr: 90 days clean. Proud of myself. Didn’t get any superpowers but I feel capable of performing heroic deeds. For everyone trying: do it, it’s worthy.

LINK – Report: 90 days clean

by tpinguim