90 Days – it is definitely working

So I thought I would share my story on here. I guess my method was a little unorthodox at times, but I got to 90 days, and after all, this is a personal journey so I ultimately decided how I was going to play this game.

Many might say I should have reset my badge multiple times throughout my challenge. During the beginning, there were a couple of times where I was in very dangerous territory, I had my tabs open and was getting started. I was able to stop myself and move away from the computer however. Some might say that was far enough to reset, and I almost felt that way. But I had a problem of breaking two week streaks, I knew if I reset my badge I would fall back into the same routine of relapse so I left it. For the sake of getting rid of this habit. I don’t really care about having a “perfect” record where I don’t make mistakes or anything. As long as I didn’t fully relapse or masturbate out of pure lust, I would leave my badge (there was one time I masturbated to full O, but it was right before my first time having sex and I was totally nervous so I think it was justified haha).

What I kept in mind throughout it all was the end game. To kick this habit and better myself. If that meant to let myself slide every now and then, then so be it. And I’ll tell you it is definitely working. I can sit here all alone in my house at the computer and not feel the need at all to look up any sort of porn or masturbate.

If there is any advice I would like to give, it would be the chaser effect. During these past 90 days I lost my virginity ( woohoo ). After sex I got some intense urges and I ventured once again into dangerous territory. I was thankfully able to control my urges and stop myself. But for anyone doing it on easy mode, watch out for this. It could ruin your streak. And if anyone reading this is wondering about wet dreams, don’t reset. If anyone tells you you should, they don’t know what they’re talking about. It is out of your control and it’s really just your body adjusting to the new changes you are making. It’s used to producing sperm like crazy and now you’re not using any of it, obviously shit like that is going to happen.

Anyway good luck to you all, I look forward to seeing you all at day 180, 360 etc…

Note: I don’t attribute nofap to losing my virginity at all. It was all coincidence, but this girl has definitely helped me fight against all of my urges 🙂

LINK – 90

by myusernameisclever