90 days – I’ve made a lot of new friends and I’m more socially active now

So I’ve finally made it to the big 90, and even though I don’t feel like my road has been that extraordinary I thought I’d share it with you guys, my fapstronaut brothers (and sisters), as I’ve seen some people getting inspired to keep going from these kind of stories, and if I can inspire even one of you guys I’m happy!

First of I started this in march, and I were skeptical like so many others were. I didn’t really get the whole ‘porn addiction’ thing and thought that it didn’t apply to me, but I decided I wanted to test my willpower and see if there was any truth to the “superpowers” so many had reported in this subreddit. So I set out on this slippery road we all walk on, and I got a cold 2 days in. As I was trying to be “scientific” about this I made sure to relapse properly after the cold had dissappeard about 14 days in.

Then I set out on the journey once again, and at around five days in I started feeling slightly more confident about myself (started the 100 push-up program at the same time so that helped a littlie I guess), I started holding my head higher and while walking outside I noticed how sad it was when you saw the people who always avoid the eyes of the others and stare at the ground instead. I suddenly realized; I’m not one of the anymore! However this ended at around 14 days from my brain convincing me that I don’t need this, I’m not addicted.

A few weeks went by before trying again, and the same happened once again, another relapse at around 14 days. This made me realize that I, in fact, were addicted. Not as badly as many others around here, but I sure as hell weren’t going to let it get out of hand. So I decided that I would start another streak in good time before school. So around the end of July I gathered all my willpower and decided I wanted to do this, I was going to do it, no chance of failure what so ever!

Now 91 days later I can look back at that resolution and smile, because in these three months I’ve been able to hit on and flirt with several cute girls, I’ve made a lot of new friends and I’m more socially active now than I’ve ever been in my entire life and it feels good. So guys, stick it out, it actually helps.

However, even though I say this works, you can’t sit on your ass thinking that you’re doing nofap so your life is automatically going to become better, because it doesn’t work that way. Best way to change your life is to get off your ass and do something about it, use nofap as the stepping stone into greatness!

TL;DR Completed 90 days nofap without any PMO at all (excluding 3 wet dreams), way better social life and feeling good about myself, keep going!

And last, if you have any questions just ask, I’ll try to answer as good as I can 🙂

LINK 90 days completed (on ‘hardmode’)! 

 by Akvarium



Trying once again

Well, I’m back, a little over one and half year since I completed 90 days (ended at 105 in total). Since then it’s been on and off with nofap, sometimes I’ve gotten up to a 30 days streak, other periods I’ve just binged like hell (not proud of that).

The last 9 months have been even worse, since a near family member died from cancer which put me into a slowly building depression. Pressure from school, pressure from home, and a girlfriend (now x-girlfriend) who was distancing herself when it started to really get to me made my depression worse over time. In the end I broke down and tried to commit suicide.

That’s now 2-3 months ago, and I’m slowly making myself a way out of this depression. That’s where this post comes in. I figured if I just vented a little here, and made a post I might actually be able to make the commitment I’ve managed to make once before. So with all that said and done, I’m here to join you guys again. Good to be back! And to all you who took the time to read this post, thank you, and good luck to you on this journey to become a fapstronaut!

TL;DR I’m back, posting to make some sort of commitment.