90 days – Less brain fog, more energy & focus, getting more attention

I wasn’t gonna do a 90 day report for lots of reasons. Some: – I don’t like to brag. I don’t like to get flamed and down-voted because folks don’t believe what I say. But, this might help somebody, so let’s flip the switch to high-risk mode and go.

  • Flatlining: no longer an issue.
  • PMO: temptation is an all-time low — but not non-existent. YES! – it is easier now!
  • Hard Mode: is my mode this whole streak. This is the way for me. It was not my first choice. It need not be yours.
  • Success stories: are essential to read and steep your mind in for success. Study deeply, read up on benefits, even the stuff you find difficult to believe. This challenges you; keeps you setting sites higher; motivational – makes your current goal easier. << this last part — yes!
  • Support somebody, anybody: give encouraging words to somebody. Start as soon as possible. What you do for others is what will be done for you. Whatever you sow, you will surely reap.
  • Getting attention: am I ever. Bizarre since I’m an older guy, and not a sharp dresser, nor rich. Some say it’s a pheromonal scent we give off, some say it’s an aura, some say it’s imagination. Whatever it truly is, I’m liking it. Quality of Life = Upped.
  • Focus: yes. Much less fog.
  • More energy: oh hells yes. I am weight-lifting again. Ride bike 5 miles a day, almost everyday, even in cold. Blah, blah, blah…
  • Celibacy for life: something I’m deeply entertaining, so much is the benefit of these 90 days.
  • Meditation: better. I’m not a master yet, but I like what the streak has done for this practice.
  • More to tell: not intentionally leaving anything out, but am sure I am forgetting some benefits; some which might be meaningful to you. But I am honestly concerned that if I endeavor to say more, I may risk disbelief or even wrath of readers, and this serves no-one.

LINK – 90 day report. Read or don’t. Meh.

by zenkibudo